What are the Problem with Collegiate Strength and Conditioning.

What are the Problem with Collegiate Strength and Conditioning.
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Set the stage of the major issue or event, what is the issue (concern, problem, challenge, opportunity etc….)? (2 pts)
Concern: player safety, problem: lack of proper education in coaches and overtraining challenge: establishing uniform requirements in the NCAA, opportunity: universities have the chance to create set degrees or classes for strength & conditioning (USE ARTICLE)

– Who is the ultimate decision maker in the issue and what is their position/responsibilities? (3 pts)
Answer: NCAA board implementing certification policy requirements or Athletic Directors hiring the Coaches (elaborate)
– Why has the issue arisen and how is leadership or the ult

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Step-by-step explanation
imate decision maker involved? (2 pts)
Answer: Due to a lack of uniform certification requirements and education on how to manage training (use juggernaut source). They are involved by neglecting to change policy & continuing to hire unqualified personnel.
– Whom does the issue affect? (3 pts)
Answer: Players, Fans(who see a worst product due to injured and overworked players), Coaches (who would have to get certified and be better), Universities(who would have to pay better accordingly, set up certification programs, and reap the benefits of a better product)
– Establish a list of constraints that may be causing the issue (2 pts)
Answer: The lack of proper pay for strength & conditioning coaches, the lack of specific uniform education on strength & conditioning, and the lack of funds to establish both, NAME OTHER CONSTRAINTS.
– What is the big picture? How would you prevent such an issue from happening in the future? What would you have done in the same situation if you had decision-making power? (3 pts)
Answer: The big picture is that coaches should be better regulated and uniform education requirements nationwide would prevent such issues from happening further. If i was in the decision-making power I still would have settled with those bringing the lawsuit but I also would have made an example out of the coach involved.

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