What Clergy Do Especially When it Looks Like Nothing, by Emma Percy?

What Clergy Do Especially When it Looks Like Nothing, by Emma Percy?
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In her article, “What Clergy Do Especially When it Looks Like Nothing,” Emma Percy highlights the many tasks that clergy undertake that may not be immediately visible or measurable but are nevertheless important in their role as spiritual leaders.

Percy argues that much of a clergy’s work is relational, involving listening, empathizing, and providing support to individuals and communities. This work can be invisible to outsiders and may not generate v

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isible outcomes in the short term. However, it can be critical in building trust and fostering a sense of community among churchgoers.

In addition to their pastoral work, clergy are also responsible for many administrative tasks, such as managing budgets, organizing events, and overseeing volunteers. These duties may seem mundane, but they are essential in ensuring the smooth running of a church or religious organization.

Finally, Percy emphasizes the role of clergy in prayer and worship. Even when they are not actively leading a service or preaching a sermon, clergy are often engaged in private prayer and contemplation, which can be a source of strength and inspiration for themselves and their congregants.

Overall, Percy argues that much of what clergy do is often invisible or undervalued, but is nonetheless critical in fulfilling their role as spiritual leaders and supporting their communities.

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