How important is a recommendation by someone else in your purchase decisions?

For this Discussion Forum activity you will be discussing Alternative Marketing and the effects alternative marketing and alternative media have on potential customers. You will also be discussing Database and Direct Response Marketing and how Personal Selling is considered an effective IMC promotional tool. This discussion should include the following three elements.

One: Alternative Marketing – Personal Interaction:
Consider a recent purchase you made at the recommendation of someone else. Why did you trust that person’s recommendation: How important is a recommendation by someone else in your purchase decisions?

Two: Alternative Marketing – Non-Personal Interaction:
Do you play video games? If so, approximately how many hours a month do you play games (including online games)? What advertising have you noticed in the games? How effective was the advertising?

Three: Personal Selling:
Think about a recent personal purchase experience that involved a salesperson. Describe how the salesperson handled you during the sales call. Which sales presentation approach did the salesperson use? Which methods of handling objections were used? Evaluate how well the objection was handled. Which closing did the salesperson use? How well did the salesperson handle the closing?

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Recommendations from other people can be very important in purchase decisions, as they provide valuable information about a product or service from someone who has already used it. Positive recommendations can help build trust in a brand or product and can make a potential customer feel more confident in their purchase decision. Conv

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Step-by-step explanation
ersely, negative recommendations can steer people away from a particular product or service and prevent them from making a purchase.

There are different types of recommendations that people might consider when making a purchase decision, including recommendations from friends and family, online reviews, and influencer endorsements. The perceived reliability and credibility of the recommender can also affect the weight given to the recommendation.

Overall, recommendations can be a powerful influence on purchase decisions, but individual preferences and other factors such as price, availability, and personal experience with the product or service also play a role.

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