Discuss the International negotiation contract THE TRADE,” A BUY-SELL OF GOODS CASE.

My part is the BUYER, my partner is the seller, so we need to came up with a negotiation for the ” international trade” I have my “buyer packages will be attached” and the seller has finished his part for the project. the order of the contract can be change just make note of what has changed, and do the buyer part in another ” color” not Black or highlight . so it is to complete the final contract, please read my buyer ocntract, add any ” international” clause for part is possible, thank you

Below is the syllabus for this work: There is no better way to improve your negotiation abilities than to engage in a full-scale international sale negotiation. You will be part of a two-person team, a paired buyer and seller negotiating an international buy-sell contract for goods against each other. You will each receive and be negotiating off a set of hypothetical case materials. Each party’s set of materials will describe the party’s separate facts. Those facts include the party’s limitations and objectives. Many of these will be in conflict with, and even diametrically opposed to, those of the other party (the “counterparty). The goal is to nevertheless reach a sale with terms that both parties agree to. The parties each will make individual efforts at the outset to research adequate model contracts and comprehensive clauses and terms that serve their interests. Each negotiated and final contract should aspire to include all of the basic terms of a contract for the international sale of goods, including delivery terms (using INCOTERMS), payment terms, a clause that addresses issues of performance due to events beyond the control of the parties, and a clause that deals with dispute resolution. Each paired buyer and seller group will submit several deliverables before negotiating. Negotiations will then be carried out leading to an executed contract for this transaction. Presentations will be made by each group, explaining what objectives were achieved, and which were not.

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The International negotiation contract “The Trade” is a legal agreement between two parties, typically from different countries, who agree to buy and sell goods from each other. It is important for the contract to clearly outline the terms of the transaction to avoid misunderstandings and disputes between the parties.

The contract should specify the names and addresses of both parties, the description of the goods to be bought and sold, the price, and the delivery terms. The delivery terms should include the date of del

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ivery, the method of transportation, and any other relevant details.

It is also important for the contract to specify the payment terms, including the amount due, the currency, and the method of payment. The contract should also address any potential disputes that may arise, including how they will be resolved and what governing law will apply.

Another key aspect of the contract is the allocation of risks between the parties. This includes the risk of loss or damage to the goods during transit, as well as any other risks that may arise during the transaction.

In addition to these specific terms, the contract should also include general provisions, such as termination clauses, confidentiality provisions, and representations and warranties.

Overall, the International negotiation contract “The Trade” is an important document that outlines the terms of a buy-sell transaction between two parties from different countries. It is crucial that the contract is clear, concise, and comprehensive in order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

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