Design a self-checking protocol to assist you in checking the accuracy of dispensed products

1. Design a self-checking protocol to assist you in checking the accuracy of dispensed products to ensure: • correct products are supplied against the prescription to the correct patient• dispensed products are labelled correctly to meet legal requirements and contain suitable information, including instructions and appropriate BNF cautionary and advisory labels• dispensed products are packaged and stored appropriately, ready to be supplied• suitable sundry items are supplied• any calculations are checked This protocol should be suitable for use to check your own work as well as products dispensed by other members of your team. 2. Describe how you will use this protocol to check your own work and others’ work. Consider products that require special attention, such as controlled drugs, cytotoxic medicines and those with special storage requirements.
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Here’s a self-checking protocol that can help in checking the accuracy of dispensed products:

Double-check the prescription: Before dispensing any medication, double-check the prescription to ensure that the correct medication and dosage have been ordered. Make sure the prescription is legible and matches the medication order in the computer system.

Verify the medication: Before dispensing the medication, verify that it is the correct medication by checking the medication name, strength, and dosage form. Compare this informatio

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n to the prescription and ensure they match.

Verify the quantity: Count the medication to ensure that the correct quantity has been dispensed. Use a counting tray to prevent any miscounting.

Check the expiration date: Verify that the medication has not expired. This can be done by checking the expiration date on the medication label.

Label the medication: Ensure that the medication label contains the correct medication name, strength, dosage form, and instructions for use. Double-check the label before affixing it to the medication container.

Perform a final check: Once the medication has been labeled and packaged, perform a final check to ensure that everything is correct. Verify the medication name, strength, dosage form, quantity, and expiration date. If everything is correct, the medication is ready for dispensing.

By following this protocol, you can help ensure that the dispensed products are accurate and free from errors. This self-checking protocol can help reduce the risk of medication errors, which can have serious consequences for patients.

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