Describe the process of personnel analysis and how the position will fit into the organization or the organizational chart?

You are a department manager and would like to hire an additional staff member to work in the health care organization department. Draft an e-mail to your supervisor according to the instructions below. Remember to consider the legislative and regulatory requirements as they relate to hiring within your organization for that position. In 200-350 words, address the following:

Describe the process of personnel analysis and how the position will fit into the organization or the organizational chart?
To what department will the staff member be assigned?
Justify the process of recruitment, selection, legal interviewing requirements, and placement in the organization.

Include a copy of the proposed job descriiption with your request. The job descriiption should include the following:

Include how to apply and to whom to address the cover letter.

Position title

Supervisory duties, if there are any, or if not, why not.

Title of immediate supervisor for the position.

Position descriiption in words.

Position-specific duties and responsibilities using key performance indicators (KPI).

Qualifications or experience required.

Identify the credentials required when hiring personnel in the health care field or department.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Answer & Explanation
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Personnel analysis is the process of evaluating the current workforce in an organization to determine whether the right people are in the right jobs, and if not, to identify the gaps and areas for improvement. The process usually involves gathering and analyzing data related to employees’ job performance, qualifications, skills, and experiences to inform decision-making about recruitment, training, promotions, transfers, and other personnel-related matters.

The steps involved in personnel analysis may include:

Job analysis: A systematic process of collecting information about a job to determine the tasks, duties, responsibilities, and required qualifications and skills.

Performance evaluation: A systematic process of assessing employees’ job performance against predetermined criteria or standards, such

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Step-by-step explanation
as job goals, performance objectives, or competencies.

Skills inventory: A systematic process of identifying and assessing employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are relevant to their job duties and responsibilities.

Succession planning: A systematic process of identifying and developing employees who have the potential to fill key positions in the organization in the future.

Organizational chart: A visual representation of the organization’s structure that shows the positions, roles, and relationships among employees and departments.

The position identified through personnel analysis will fit into the organization or the organizational chart based on the following factors:

Job duties and responsibilities: The position will be aligned with the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies and will have clearly defined job duties and responsibilities.

Reporting structure: The position will have a designated reporting structure, such as reporting to a department head, a supervisor, or a manager.

Job level and classification: The position will be classified based on the job level and classification system used by the organization, such as entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level.

Salary and benefits: The position will be compensated based on the organization’s salary and benefits structure, which may be determined by the job level, classification, and market factors.

Overall, personnel analysis helps ensure that the organization has the right people in the right positions, which is essential for achieving its goals and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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