Write a review the Cho et al. (2015) case study related to the installation of data systems in a school district.

Write a review the Cho et al. (2015) case study related to the installation of data systems in a school district. Consider how this example examines the challenges inherent in technological and organizational change.• Review the Guidera (2015), Chenoweth (2015), and Marsh & Farrell (2015) articles. Think about the arguments for and against educational change based on data. How might you encourage others to support the use of data-informed decision making for educational and social change?• Review the Sterrett and Irizarry (2015) and Morel (2014) articles. Reflect on the strengths of working collaboratively with all stakeholders as well as any challenges that might need to be overcome.• In the City Hall location in Grand City, review the District Collaboration for Change video. Imagine you are a member of the Grand City task force. How might you use what you have explored thus far with regard to change, collaboration, and data-informed decision making to motivate the neighboring district superintendent’s staff, faculty, and community leaders in their change efforts? Write a 2-3 page paper that explains :• Who you are and the specialization expertise you represent on Mayor Keller’s task force.• The importance of being an educational agent of change and why you believe collecting and interpreting data is essential to the role of educational leader of change.• The importance of collaboration among cross-specialization groups working to make meaningful change, and why data-informed decision making is essential for a collaborative group to initiate and implement plans for educational and community change.• Summarize the key points of your presentation.
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The case study conducted by Cho et al. (2015) explores the challenges faced by a school district in implementing data systems to improve student achievement. The study provides a detailed analysis of the processes and activities involved in installing the data systems and identifies key issues that emerged during the implementation process.

Overall, the study is well-conducted and provides valuable insights into the complexities involved in installing data systems in an educational setting. The authors use a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to provide a detailed analysis of the implementation process, and the findings are presented in a clear and accessible manner.

One of the key strengths of the study is the detailed attention paid to the challenges faced by school administra

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tors and teachers during the implementation process. The authors provide numerous examples of the difficulties encountered, such as technical issues with the data systems, concerns about data privacy and security, and the need for additional training for staff members. This level of detail helps to make the study relatable and relevant to other educational organizations considering similar data system implementations.

Another strength of the study is the focus on the role of leadership in the implementation process. The authors identify the importance of strong leadership and effective communication in ensuring the success of the project, and they provide examples of how leaders within the school district worked to overcome the challenges that emerged.

However, one potential weakness of the study is its focus on a single case study. While the findings are certainly valuable, it is difficult to generalize the results to other educational contexts without additional research. Additionally, the study does not provide a detailed analysis of the costs associated with implementing the data systems, which could be a significant concern for smaller school districts with limited resources.

Overall, the Cho et al. (2015) case study provides a valuable contribution to the literature on data system implementation in education. The study highlights the importance of effective leadership, communication, and planning in ensuring the success of such projects, and it offers numerous examples of the challenges that educational organizations may face during the implementation process.

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