Examine the relationship between social media and prejudice.

In this assignment, we will examine the relationship between social media and prejudice.

Scan social media websites to find three posts that reflect negative stereotypes and/or prejudiced attitudes, or posts that take a social justice perspective on the topic (e.g., the site suggests ways to combat these attitudes and beliefs).

**Be sure to include links or images of the posts as attachments.

Respond to each of the following questions in 300-350 words. The entire submission should include a total of 3 scholarly references to support your position.

1. What key words did you use and why did you choose them? How easy or difficult was it to find posts using those key words? What are your thoughts about why it was easy or difficult to find the information?

2. Was it easy or difficult to determine the beliefs or attitudes of the individual posting? What cues did you use to determine those attitudes and beliefs?

3. Do you think the posters would say the same thing in the same way if they were having a face-to-face discussion on this topic? Does it matter? Why or why not?

4. Some individuals use their name and/or photo and others used a “handle” or a pseudonym with no photo or a photo of something other than themselves. How does this affect the tone or content of the post?

5. What message does the individual’s posting want the reader to come away believing about different social groups? What cues led you to determine the message?

6. What has been your overall experience with this assignment? How has it affected your attitudes of social media?

Answer & Explanation
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Social media has been found to play a significant role in shaping attitudes towards different social groups, which can have implications for the prevalence and persistence of prejudice. Here are some ways in which social media can impact prejudice:

Exposure to Stereotypes: Social media platforms provide a space where stereotypes and discriminatory content can be easily shared and disseminated. This can expose users to harmful and negative stereotypes about different groups of people, which can perpetuate prejudice and discrimination.

Echo Chambers: Social media algorit

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Step-by-step explanation
hms often reinforce users’ existing beliefs and biases by showing them content that aligns with their views. This can create “echo chambers” where users are only exposed to perspectives that reinforce their existing prejudices, leading to a further entrenchment of discriminatory attitudes.

Online Harassment: Social media platforms have also been shown to facilitate online harassment and cyberbullying, particularly towards marginalized groups. This harassment can further perpetuate negative stereotypes and fuel prejudice towards targeted groups.

In-Group Favoritism: Social media can also reinforce in-group favoritism, where users show preference towards individuals who share their identity or belong to their social group. This can lead to discrimination against out-group members and reinforce negative stereotypes.

However, it is also important to note that social media can be used to challenge and counteract prejudice by providing a platform for marginalized voices, facilitating intergroup dialogue and understanding, and promoting positive representations of different social groups. It all depends on how the users use the social media platform.

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