Discuss Gamification/adaptation of literature into video games.

Possible methodologies: Gamification, ludology, storytelling methodology, narratology.

My topic for my dissertation is literary gamification. More specifically, I want to focus on blockbuster video games that are based on books. In my dissertation, I am going to analyze
the video game narrative compared to its book version.
The initial video games that I have chosen are ‘The Witcher’ series and ‘I have no mouth, and I must scream.’ I picked all those games for their different approaches toward the mediation of the plot structure from the books they are based on. The Witcher game series continues the plot that the books have ended on, showcasing The Witcher video game as a continuation of the series. I have no mouth, and I must scream was based on a
novel of the same name by Harlan Ellison, originally published in 1967. Ellison was directly involved in the game’s production recreating the elements that made the source material great
in the video game. The plan for this dissertation is to analyze all
those games on the bases of their narrative style compared to the narrative given in the books. The idea needs narrowing down. But the point is to analyze the story telling and narrative of video games to books based on them.

There might be more games added if necessary like Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor and Hogwarts Legacy.

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Gamification of literature involves adapting books, short stories, or other forms of literature into video games. The process typically involves transforming the narrative into an interactive experience where players assume the role of the protagonist and progress through the story by completing various challenges.

One of the primary benefits of gamification is that it allows people to experience stories in new and exciting ways. It can also introduce literature to a new audience, particularly younger individuals who may not be as interested in reading traditional books.

However, gamification of literature also raises several concerns. One of the primary concerns is whether the adaptation will do justice to the

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original work. Adapting literature into video games requires making creative choices that can change the story, tone, or message of the original work. Some people worry that these changes may dilute the author’s intentions or misrepresent the original work.

Another concern is that gamification may replace traditional reading. Some argue that people who play video game adaptations of literature may not be as likely to read the original work, which could lead to a loss of appreciation for literature as an art form.

Despite these concerns, gamification of literature has become increasingly popular in recent years. Some notable examples include “The Witcher” and “Assassin’s Creed” series, both of which are based on popular book series. These games have been successful in introducing the source material to a wider audience while also providing players with engaging and entertaining experiences.

In conclusion, gamification of literature can provide an exciting and innovative way to experience stories, but it is important to be mindful of the potential challenges and drawbacks. Adapting literature into video games requires careful consideration of the original work and its themes, as well as the intended audience and their expectations. Ultimately, the success of gamification of literature depends on finding the right balance between fidelity to the source material and creating a compelling and engaging interactive experience.

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