Write a Book Report Essay: How Democratic is the American Constitution?

Write a Book Report Essay: How Democratic is the American Constitution?

What does the author mean by “How Democratic is the American Constitution?”

What are major themes to understanding Democracy, American politics and elections?

Do think differently about the Constitution, the U.S. Senate or the effectiveness of the electoral college based on Dahl’s analysis?

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In the book “How Democratic is the American Constitution?” by Robert A. Dahl, the author raises the question of whether the American Constitution is truly democratic. Dahl argues that while the Constitution is undoubtedly a significant document that has served the United States well, it is not perfect, and its undemocratic elements hinder the country’s ability to be fully democratic.

The author argues that there are several flaws in the American Constitution that prevent it from being truly democratic. One of these flaws is the lack of representation for minorities and the underprivileged. While the Constitution guarantees certain rights and freedoms to all citizens, Dahl contends that the system in which these rights are implemented is not entirely fair. For instance, the Electoral College system, which decides

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the outcome of presidential elections, can lead to situations in which the candidate with fewer popular votes wins. Additionally, the Constitution gives more voting power to citizens in less populous states, which means that those in more densely populated areas have less of a voice in national politics.

Another undemocratic feature of the American Constitution is the difficulty of amending it. The author argues that the Founding Fathers intended for the Constitution to be difficult to change, but this has resulted in a document that is not well-suited to modern times. Dahl argues that this rigidity has prevented the country from adapting to new challenges and has hindered efforts to make the Constitution more democratic.

Despite these criticisms, Dahl recognizes the strengths of the American Constitution. He acknowledges that the Constitution has been a powerful force for stability and has helped to ensure that the United States remains a functioning democracy. However, he argues that the country must be willing to make changes to the Constitution to address its flaws if it wants to remain a true democracy.

In conclusion, “How Democratic is the American Constitution?” raises important questions about the nature of democracy in the United States. While the Constitution has served the country well for over two centuries, Dahl argues that it is not perfect and that its undemocratic elements must be addressed if the country is to remain a true democracy. This book is a valuable read for anyone interested in the history and politics of the United States, and for those who believe in the importance of democratic institutions.

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