Watch the movie Rising Phoenix on Netflix and choose three athletes with disabilities from the film to focus on.

1.) Watch the movie Rising Phoenix on Netflix and choose three athletes with disabilities from the film to focus on for this paper. Start with an Introduction.
2.) Answer the questions below in an essay format. (Pictures of directions are attached below)
3.) Address how does the representation of the three individuals you chose vary by their response to disability acquisition? What aspects of their responses converge or diverge with specific components of the theoretical models of disability acquisition we have studied and why?
ALSO Address how do the three IWDs compare and contrast in terms of historical, social-cultural, disability, and/or life stage context [pick 1 to 2 of the bolded]?
4.) Discuss how the film’s camera techniques such as montage/collage, low light, close-ups, zoom-outs, inversion, and fading to black affect the viewers’ thinking about the 3 athletes you chose and their disabilities.
ALSO address the purpose of any superhero references regarding the film’s athletes in general, and your chosen 3 specifically. [about 1-2 paragraphs] AND/OR discuss the messages explicit/implicit intended by using Greek-like statue representations of the athletes (particularly related to your chosen 3).
5.) Discuss what the movie got right and wrong.
6.) Conclusion.
(Don’t use first person language)
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Tatyana McFadden – Tatyana is a wheelchair racer who has won 17 Paralympic medals, including 7 gold medals. She was born in Russia with spina bifida and was paralyzed from the waist down. Tatyana was adopted by an American family and started participating in sports at a young age. She has competed in numerous marathons and is a 5-time winner of the Chicago Marathon.

Jean-Baptiste Alaize – Jean-B

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Step-by-step explanation
aptiste is a Paralympic athlete who competes in the long jump and the 100m sprint. He was born in Burundi and lost his leg during a civil war when he was three years old. He was later adopted by a French family and started participating in sports as a teenager. Jean-Baptiste has competed in multiple Paralympic Games and is a two-time bronze medalist in the long jump.

Bebe Vio – Bebe is a wheelchair fencer from Italy who contracted meningitis when she was 11 years old, which led to the amputation of both her legs and both her arms below the elbow. Despite this, Bebe continued to pursue her passion for fencing and has won multiple gold medals in both individual and team events at the Paralympic Games and the World Championships. She is also a motivational speaker and an advocate for disability rights.

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