Introduction and Data Analysis for Psychological Report on Arthur.

a) Introduce the client’s case you chose by briefly recapping the background of the client you are assessing. What is the reason for referral? State
the presenting problem and the questions to be addressed through your evaluation of the data. Relate the problem to the APA Ethical Code and
the psychological assessment issues that could be encountered.
b) In your response, consider who is making the referral and how this impacts your assessment of the data; is the intended consumer of the report
a parent, a school system, a mental health practitioner, a probation officer, or another stakeholder?
c) Describe how you will analyze your data by considering the following questions. What is the best way to organize your data to address your
referral question? How do you make this technical information useful and understandable for the intended reader? Justify your choice of method with other research.
Answer & Explanation
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This psychological report is an analysis of Arthur, a 27-year-old male who sought counseling due to feelings of low self-esteem and difficulty managing his emotions. The purpose of this report is to provide an objective assessment of Arthur’s psychological functioning, as well as to offer recommendations for treatment and further evaluation.

Data Analysis:

Arthur reported feeling unhappy with his life and uncertain about his future. He described himself as being socially isolated and having difficulty making friends. He also reported experiencing a lot of stress in his personal and professional life, which he attributed to his difficulty managing his emotions.

In terms of

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Step-by-step explanation
Arthur’s personality traits, he exhibited a tendency towards introversion and perfectionism. He reported being very self-critical and having high expectations for himself, which often led to feelings of frustration and disappointment. He also reported experiencing anxiety in social situations, which contributed to his sense of isolation.

During the course of the assessment, Arthur exhibited some symptoms of depression, including low mood, lack of energy, and difficulty experiencing pleasure. He also reported experiencing intrusive thoughts related to past failures and negative self-talk.

In addition, Arthur reported experiencing occasional panic attacks, which he described as intense episodes of fear and physical discomfort, including heart palpitations and sweating. These attacks seemed to be triggered by stressful situations, and Arthur reported feeling embarrassed and ashamed about experiencing them.

Overall, Arthur presented with symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as some features of panic disorder. Based on these findings, it is recommended that Arthur engage in psychotherapy to address his emotional difficulties and develop coping strategies for managing his symptoms. Further evaluation by a psychiatrist or other medical professional may also be warranted to determine whether medication could be helpful in treating his symptoms.

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