Discuss Sexual Harassment – The Culture and Personality School.

For the second paper, analyze sexual harassment in a manner inspired by the Culture and Personality School. That is, conduct an analysis that is simultaneously culture and psychological. How does culture impact the individual psyche? Conversely, how does the mind shape culture? To what extent does sexual harassment reflect debates regarding nature vs. nurture? You do not need to address all of these questions in your reflections. Rather, they are just prompts to get you to think about the Culture and Personality School. You do not need to do any outside research for this reflection; you should focus on the concepts and theories from the readings and lecture.

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The Culture and Personality School is a theoretical approach in anthropology that suggests that a person’s behavior is largely influenced by the culture they come from and the values and beliefs that are prevalent in that culture. This approach can be applied to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, which is a pervasive problem that affects many individuals and organizations.

According to the Culture and Personality School, sexual harassment can be seen as a cultural issue, where the behavior is shaped by the values, beliefs, and norms of the society in which it occurs. In some cultures, for example, sexual harassment may be more accepte

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d or even expected, while in other cultures it may be viewed as a serious violation of human rights.

The Culture and Personality School also suggests that personality can play a role in sexual harassment. For example, individuals who are more aggressive or have a tendency to dominate others may be more likely to engage in sexual harassment. Additionally, individuals who have been socialized to believe that they are entitled to the attention of others, or who have a sense of entitlement in general, may be more likely to engage in sexual harassment.

One of the challenges in addressing sexual harassment is that it can be difficult to change cultural norms and values. However, organizations can take steps to create a workplace culture that does not tolerate sexual harassment. This may involve providing training and education to employees, establishing clear policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment, and taking swift and decisive action when allegations of sexual harassment are made.

In conclusion, the Culture and Personality School offers a useful framework for understanding the cultural and individual factors that contribute to sexual harassment in the workplace. By addressing both of these factors, organizations can create a safer and more inclusive workplace for all employees.

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