Analyze how toys are gendered and influence a child’s socialization.

read Chapter 5 (Socialization) in the course text. You will complete an applied “shopping” activity. You will also watch two videos. Finally, you are encouraged to skim and read relevant sections of Chapter 12 (Gender, Sex, and Sexuality) in the course text. Reading or skimming Chapter 12 is optional, though you might find it helpful as additional background preparation for this assignment. You may find the content of that chapter helpful in understanding sociological perspectives on gender, which will, in turn, help you as you write on the topic of socialization and toys.

Course Learning Outcomes

Analyze contemporary societal issues by synthesizing sociological methodology and the sociological perspective.
Design and compose analysis of the impact of social concepts, forces, and structural arrangements on people’s lives by utilizing the sociological perspective.
Assignment Learning Outcomes

Analyze how toys are gendered and influence a child’s socialization.
Evaluate how agents of socialization influence children’s identities, experiences, and expectations.
The above course and assignment learning outcomes provide the context and purpose of this assignment. They are integrated into the assignment. As such, you are not being tasked with turning in the CLOs and ALOs. You are tasked with completing the assignment as outlined below.

Assignment Instructions

This assignment has three main components: Toy Search, Boy Toys vs. Girl Toys: The Experiment, Integration: Understanding Gender Role Socialization. Below, you will find detailed instructions for each component of this assignment. To maximize your points, it is essential to follow all instructions and the grading rubric very carefully.

Toy Search

This is an applied “shopping” activity. Go to and perform two separate searches using the key terms “boy toys” and “girl toys.”

Choose two “best seller” toys in each category. Describe each of the toys you chose from each of the two categories. Evaluate how these toys target consumers based on gender (boys, girls, non-binary, or any gender). In other words, how are these toys gendered?

Boy Toys vs. Girl Toys: The Experiment

Watch the video Boy Toys vs. Girl Toys: The Experiment

Parents and other caregivers have ideas about how children “should” play. How do these parental or caregiver ideas influence, limit or constrain a child’s identity, experiences, expectations?

Gender Neutral/Gender Inclusive Toys: The Way of the Future?

How do gender neutral/gender inclusive toys fill a need for children today? How might these toys help children “see themselves” in the toys they play with?

Integration and Application: Understanding Gender Role Socialization

Identify the social institutions that influence socialization (the agents of socialization) as they apply to this topic (gender and toys). In this section, you will support your work with two outside relevant references. Although this isn’t a traditional library research essay, you are still tasked with finding two credible, relevant references beyond the textbook and videos listed here in this assignment.

There will be resources and library assistance embedded in the course, and you are encouraged to make use of those.

Notes on Paper Organization

Your paper should have the following sections, including the three main components:

Title Page
Introduction (75 words minimum)
Toy Search (200 words minimum)
Boy Toys vs. Girl Toys: The Experiment (200 words minimum)
Integration and Application: Understanding Gender Role Socialization (200 words minimum)
Conclusion (75 words minimum)
References (will include the course textbook, videos, and two additional references; must be in APA format)
Although APA formatted references are required, the paper does not need to conform to APA style and formatting guidelines. The title page does not have to be in APA format; however, APA formatting for the title page is encouraged.

The total assignment word count is 750 (excluding the title page and references). This equates to 3 pages of written work, excluding the title page and references (12 point font, Times New Roman, double spacing).

Answer & Explanation
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Toys have been gendered for decades, with certain types of toys being marketed and promoted as suitable for boys or girls. This gendering of toys can have a significant impact on a child’s socialization, as it reinforces gender stereotypes and can limit their understanding of what is acceptable behavior or interests for their gender.

One way in which toys are gen

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Step-by-step explanation
dered is through their design and color. Toys marketed to boys often feature bold, primary colors, such as red and blue, and tend to be more action-oriented or construction-based, such as cars, trucks, and building sets. Toys marketed to girls, on the other hand, are often designed with pastel colors, such as pink and purple, and tend to be more nurturing or domestic-based, such as dolls, play kitchens, and toy makeup sets.

These gendered toy categories can have a significant impact on a child’s socialization, as they can reinforce traditional gender roles and expectations. Boys may feel pressured to play with toys that are seen as “masculine,” and to engage in activities that are associated with aggression or competition.

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