Analyze Cultural and Lifestyle Implications

738.5.1 : Incorporate Pathophysiology into Patient Care Coordination
The learner incorporates enhanced pathophysiological concepts and assessment findings into patient care coordination.

738.5.2 : Apply Clinical Judgment to Patient Assessment Techniques
The learner applies clinical judgment using current and innovative patient assessment techniques that encompass physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well-being, and social determinants of health.

738.5.3 : Analyze Cultural and Lifestyle Implications
The learner analyzes cultural and lifestyle implications for holistic patient assessment.

As a nurse, you must be able to perform a comprehensive health assessment on a patient in every practice setting. For this task, you will record yourself completing a comprehensive health assessment at the baccalaureate level using the attached “D222 Physical Assessment Skills List.” You must do this assessment on an adult family member or friend. Do not use a patient you could interact with in a healthcare setting.

The volunteer patient must complete the attached “Nursing Program Audio/Video Recording Consent and Release Agreement (Volunteer Patient),” which you will submit with your recording. The “D222 Video Health Assessment Success Guide” is provided in the Supporting Documents section to offer additional support with the task directions. Your patient must be an adult who has sufficient capacity to provide informed consent based on the rules and regulations defined by your state of residence and who is 18 years of age or older. For example, individuals from the following groups will not have the ability to provide informed consent: minors (particularly children with disabilities), cognitively impaired persons regardless of age, and wards of the state. The patient’s signature must be handwritten. Once the consent form is signed by the patient, it should be either scanned and uploaded or photographed and uploaded as a JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or PDF file. The consent form must be legible.

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Cultural and lifestyle implications refer to the ways in which the culture and lifestyle of individuals and societies impact various aspects of their lives, including their behavior, beliefs, values, and attitudes. Here are some examples of how cultural and lifestyle implications can impact different areas of life:

Health: Cultural and lifestyle factors can significantly impact health outcomes. For example, cultural beliefs and practices around food, exercise, and healthcare can impact the prevalence of certain health conditions. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug use can also impact health outcomes.

Relationships: Cultural and lifestyle factors can impact the formation and maintenance o

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f relationships. For example, cultural norms around marriage and dating can shape how people approach relationships. Lifestyle factors such as work-life balance and socializing can also impact the quality of relationships.

Work: Cultural and lifestyle factors can impact the way people approach work. For example, cultural values around work ethic and success can impact the types of careers people pursue and how they approach their work. Lifestyle factors such as work-life balance and job satisfaction can also impact career decisions.

Education: Cultural and lifestyle factors can impact educational outcomes. For example, cultural attitudes towards education can shape the importance placed on academic achievement. Lifestyle factors such as access to resources and support can also impact educational outcomes.

Technology: Cultural and lifestyle factors can impact the way people use technology. For example, cultural norms around privacy and security can impact how people use social media and other online platforms. Lifestyle factors such as access to technology and digital literacy can also impact technology use.

In conclusion, cultural and lifestyle implications can have a significant impact on various aspects of life, including health, relationships, work, education, and technology use. Understanding these implications can help individuals and societies make more informed decisions about how they approach different areas of life.

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