Write a Letter to Legislator discussing the American Nurses Association Federal Legislative Priorities for 2019.

Public policy has a major impact on your practice and your patients. Advocacy is an expectation of the advanced practice nurse. Elected officials care about what their constituents have to say. To make a difference, you need to be informed and engaged. Contacting your legislator and discussing issues is an important attribute of nurse leaders. In your interactions with lawmakers you want to be positive and nonpartisan, personal, persistent, patient, focused on your message, and provide accurate information. Directions Determine the issue or message (e.g., telehealth impact on your practice) you wish to discuss with your legislator(s). Resource: The American Nurses Association Federal Legislative Priorities for 2019.Identify your legislator and contact information from his or her website and/or search here. (Dianne Feinstein -Senior Senator for California, Alejandro β€œAlex” Padilla -Junior Senator for California, Mike Garcia -Representative for California’s 27th congressional district) Letter or Email: The student must write three (3) letters or emails or a combination of letters/emails to their identified legislators (State and/or Federal). The letters/emails may be the same topic to three different legislators or three different topics to three different legislators. Legislators read correspondence, especially when it is personalized and clearly from a constituent. The following guidelines should be used when writing to your representative:Be brief (one page or less), and use your own words.Begin with the appropriate heading and address.Be specific: State the specific bill number and issue and state your opinion in the first sentence.Relate your experience with the issue. Use personal examples when possible. Your interest and concern about the issue is important.Ask the legislator to specifically commit to supporting or opposing the legislation you are writing about.Ask for specific reasons they are supporting or opposing the proposal.Sign and print your name and include your address and other contact information.If you have pertinent materials and/or editorials from local papers, include them.Cite any references at the end of the letter or email usingAPA format.Avoid form letters/emails if possible. If you are using a sample or form letter, be sure to adapt it, especially in the first sentence and paragraph. Legislators and their aides recognize form letters and are less likely to be influenced by them.Thank him or her for considering your opinion.Submit the three letters and/or emails in Word docs in the D2L assignment link along with a separate one-page reflection on your experience.
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As a member of the American Nurses Association (ANA), I wanted to bring to your attention the ANA Federal Legislative Priorities for 2019. The ANA is the largest professional association representing registered nurses (RNs) in the United States, and its mission is to promote the profession of nursing and improve healthcare for all.

The ANA has identified four key priorities for federal legislative action in 2019, which I believe are essential to improving the health of Americans and advancing the nursing profession. These priorities are:

Protecting Access to Healthcare:
The ANA supports access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. This includes protecting and strengthening

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the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid, and Medicare, as well as expanding access to primary care and mental health services.

Investing in Nursing Workforce Development:
The ANA advocates for policies that invest in the education and training of nurses, including increasing funding for nursing education programs, promoting diversity in the nursing workforce, and supporting the development of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and nurse scientists.

Advancing Health through Nursing:
The ANA believes that nurses play a critical role in promoting health and preventing disease. The ANA supports policies that promote community-based prevention programs, improve public health infrastructure, and increase access to health information and resources.

Ensuring Patient Safety and Quality of Care:
The ANA is committed to ensuring that patients receive safe, high-quality care. The ANA supports policies that promote patient-centered care, improve quality measurement and reporting, and address workforce shortages and burnout.

I believe these priorities are critical to advancing the nursing profession and improving the health of Americans. As your constituent and a member of the ANA, I urge you to support these priorities and work to ensure that federal policies reflect the needs and values of the nursing profession.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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