Demonstrate a deep level of independent thought and a capacity forrespectful evaluation.

Part A – Reflection and Insight /20• Identify and contextualise you’re understanding and examination ofthe icon and relating pedagogies.• Discuss how your understanding of the icon approach (meaning,purpose and structure) has evolved throughout the session.• Demonstrates deep thinking, feeling and reflection.Part B – Analysis /20• Discuss and demonstrate a clear understanding of Country andexperiential learning in the context of Aboriginal/ Indigenouseducation.• Provide a well informed and insightful analysis of the literaturesurrounding Aboriginal pedagogies to enhance student participationand success in the classroom.• Demonstrates a deep level of independent thought and a capacity forrespectful evaluation.Part C – Practice /10• Clear description and discussion of a task(s) you are requesting yourstudents to present through an icon approach.• The KLA(s) and outcomes are appropriate and relevant for learningto take place.• The Icon approach theme that is used goes beyond belonging,family and identity and has been thoughtfully discussed.
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Independent thought and respectful evaluation require a combination of critical thinking skills and open-mindedness. To demonstrate a deep level of independent thought and a capacity for respectful evaluation, one must be able to examine different viewpoints, assess evidence objectively, and communicate their ideas respectfully. Here is an example:

Let’s say there is a debate about the effectiveness of a new medication for a particular disease. To demonstrate independent thought and respectful evaluation, one could approach the topic in the following manner:

Research: Conduct thorough research on the

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Step-by-step explanation
medication, including its development, clinical trials, and potential side effects. Look for information from reliable sources, such as scientific journals and reputable medical organizations.

Analysis: Analyze the evidence objectively, taking into account both the positive and negative aspects of the medication. Look for any potential biases or conflicts of interest that may affect the validity of the research.

Critical thinking: Use critical thinking skills to evaluate the arguments for and against the medication. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each argument, and look for any logical fallacies or flawed reasoning.

Communication: Communicate your ideas respectfully, acknowledging the validity of opposing viewpoints and presenting your own arguments in a clear and logical manner. Use respectful language and avoid personal attacks or inflammatory rhetoric.

Overall, demonstrating a deep level of independent thought and a capacity for respectful evaluation requires a combination of research, analysis, critical thinking, and effective communication. By approaching topics in a thoughtful and objective manner, one can engage in meaningful dialogue and contribute to constructive discussions.

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