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For this assignment, you are going to evaluate the verbal and nonverbal aspects of a speaker’s presentation. An evaluation form is provided below to help guide your assessment of the content (what is being said) and the delivery (how it is said). You have the option to go out and observe a live event, or you can watch one of the speeches from the Library Video Options provided below. The link will take you to a collection of student speeches. The recordings are classified as informative or persuasive; you are free to choose either type. Library Video Options: Student Speeches for Analysis Series Do the following, to complete this assignment: View a presentation, a lecture, a sermon, or some sort of public speaking event. A live event would be great, but one of the Library Video Options (linked above) is acceptable. During the presentation, complete the Speaker Critique Form (optional); consider including notes to help you remember specific details later. Write a 2-page paper, using proper spelling and grammar, that addresses the following: Provide an introduction describing who spoke, what they spoke about, and where you heard the presentation. If you chose to use a library video, be sure to clearly identify its title and provide a link to the specific video within the series. After the introduction, talk about what parts of the content were done well and what the speaker could have done better. Address at least 2 different elements of content. Next, talk about what parts of the delivery were done well and what the speaker could have done better. Address at least 2 different elements of delivery. End with a conclusive paragraph, giving your opinion about whether the speaker was effective or not. Explain your reasoning.

This was the information from our professor:
Finding some random speech on YouTube. If you choose the recorded one, you need to choose the one from the library video options.
And then essentially what you’re doing is you’re evaluating the speech. Now if you want, you can download the speaker critique form, but I will be honest, it’s not that great, but it does maybe provide you a little bit of guidance around what to watch for.
Essentially, though, what you’re being asked to do starts. There are #3 write a two page paper just like you’ve done the past two weeks. 2 pages, double spaced standard font.
And in that, you’re going to first of all write an introduction and and then introduction. You’re going to talk about who the speaker was, what their topic was. In other words, what did they speak about, where you heard the presentation and if it was a library video, you’ll want to identify the title of the speech. If if it was there and a link to the specific video.
So if I wanted to go and look it U.
Umm. Then the second paragraph you’re going to talk about the content of the speech now, when you think about content, essentially what you’re thinking about is the verbal communication, the verbal messages, the words that the speaker use.
And there are lots of different types of content you can look at within the speech. You can look at how the speaker organizes their speech. You can look at the arguments they make if they’re trying to persuade you, you can look at specific words, their use of language, using various language concepts. From this chapter, there use of slang, for example, or their use of cliches or their.
You might look at their use of, you know, personal examples, their their anecdotes and their ability to tell a good story with with very graphic visual language. So you’re looking at the content and you’re being asked to address at least two different elements of the content, two different elements. So like, I want to look at the organization and I want to look at their use of slang, let’s say and.
You’re going to explore what they did well and what they could have done better.
And then you’re doing in the next section the exact same thing, but now you’re looking at their delivery or their nonverbal communication. So all those things we talked about with nonverbals, from icontact and movement to physical appearance and facial expressions, gestures. What did they do? Well, and what could they have done better? And again, pick at least two different elements of their delivery to analyze and evaluate.
And then finally, you’re going to end with a conclusive paragraph, and in that paragraph you’re going to provide your overall assessment of the quality of the speech. And if you thought that the speech as a whole was effective, that the speaker do an effective job, why or why not? And of course, explain your reasoning.

The clip I attached is Student Speeches for Analysis, Volume 1 Informative Speech: Gene Engineering

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