Write an analysis on Keep Durham Beautiful Stakeholder.

1. https://keepdurhambeautiful.org/
2. focus on corporate team building
3. Review A1 to guild you of this NGO
4. Review A2 Rubric
5. Review A2 Draft and the stakeholder matrix table as sample

To do:
1. find and summarize eight sources with a brief introduction, why you choose, and how it related to the community partner’s need, context, programming, or evaluation goals. ( you can find an NGO with a similar program, see how it works out?)

2. After you review the sample of stakeholder matrix, think and edit 4-5 stakeholders on the A2 draft.

Answer & Explanation
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Keep Durham Beautiful is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and improve the environmental quality of Durham, North Carolina. The organization’s stakeholders can be divided into three main groups: community members, local businesses, and government agencies.

Community Members: Keep Durham Beautiful’s primary stakeholders are the community members who live in and around Durham. These individuals are concerned about the environment and want to see improvements made to their community. The organization engages with community members through various programs, including litter cleanups, tree plantings, and environmental education initiatives. By involving commun

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Step-by-step explanation
ity members in these activities, Keep Durham Beautiful is able to build a sense of community ownership and responsibility for the environment.

Local Businesses: Local businesses are also important stakeholders for Keep Durham Beautiful. These businesses are often located in the areas where the organization works and can benefit from a cleaner and more attractive environment. Additionally, businesses may also support Keep Durham Beautiful through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering. By working with local businesses, Keep Durham Beautiful can tap into their resources and expertise to support environmental initiatives.

Government Agencies: Keep Durham Beautiful also works closely with government agencies at the local and state levels. These agencies are responsible for implementing environmental regulations and policies, and Keep Durham Beautiful can provide support and resources to help them achieve their goals. Additionally, government agencies can provide funding and other resources to support Keep Durham Beautiful’s programs and initiatives.

In conclusion, Keep Durham Beautiful’s stakeholders include community members, local businesses, and government agencies. By engaging with these stakeholders, the organization can build support for environmental initiatives and work towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for Durham.

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