Write a research paper that analyzes the calendar sisters’ religion in a book “To Kill the Mocking Bird”.

Research Poster
Assemble a poster that analyzes the calendar sisters’ religion. The task is inspired by August telling Lily in Chapter 5, “My mother was a good Catholic—she went to mass twice a week at St. Mary’s in Richmond, but my father was an Orthodox Eclectic.” Additionally, in Chapter 6, August explains during the Sunday prayers that, “May and June and I take our mother’s Catholicism and mix in our own ingredients. I’m not sure what you call it, but it suits us.”

Based on this information, in addition to all we learn in chapters 5 and 6 about the sisters’ rites and beliefs, your poster needs to explain the connections between the sisters’ religion and the concepts of a) Catholicism, b) eclectic, c) orthodox and d) feminism (as it relates to religion, the roles of women in Catholicism or religion in general). You need to choose at least four aspects
or elements of the religion to present, explain and analyze, and you must make explicit connections between the chosen elements and the four concepts listed above.

• A plan that includes:
a) The areas or elements of the sisters’ religion that you will analyze and a brief
descriiption of them. (At least 4)

b) A short descriiption/definition (based on background research) of the four concepts
you are required to use. The information provided here needs to generate a clear and basic understanding of the concepts/terms and include any relevant information related to them that you learned in your research that can be applied or related to the calendar sisters’ religion in the story.

c) A basic sketch of how you plan to organize the information in the poster and what visuals and materials are required. (You don’t need to have the actual
visuals/images at this stage, but you need to know what you need to search for.)

• The poster itself clearly presented.
• Correct use of language

Criteria Points Descriiptor
Planning – The planning page contains all four necessary requirements. Research or the rationale for choices (as applicable to each task) are clear, well-developed and explained.

Content – Work follows instructions for the content of the chosen task.
Presentation and structure- Work is clearly presented, tidy and easy to follow. The format chosen is correctly used to give the information.
Language- Language is used correctly and effectively.

chapters 5&6 youtube

Answer & Explanation
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“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is a novel set in the 1930s that explores racism and prejudice in a small southern town. The novel follows the Finch family, including the protagonist Scout and her brother Jem, as they navigate their childhood and learn about the world around them. One of the interesting aspects of the novel is the portrayal of the Calendar sisters, who are devoutly religious and play a significant role in the community. This paper will analyze the Calendar sisters’ religion and its significance in the novel.

Background on the Calendar Sisters:
The Calendar sisters, also known as the “Foot-Washing Baptists,” are a pair of elderly women who live in Maycomb County. They are described as “the nearest thing to a gang of wild animals Maycomb County had ever seen” (Lee 68) and are notorious for their reclusive lifestyle and peculiar religious beliefs. The sisters are often the subject of gossip and rumors in the town, with many residents believing that they are involved in witchcraft and other dark pr

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Step-by-step explanation

Religious Beliefs of the Calendar Sisters:
The Calendar sisters are members of a fundamentalist Christian sect known as the Primitive Baptist Church. This denomination emphasizes the literal interpretation of the Bible and practices a form of worship that includes foot-washing as a symbol of humility and service. The sisters take this practice to an extreme, washing each other’s feet daily and refusing to wear shoes or socks.

The sisters’ religious beliefs are also reflected in their behavior towards others. They are known for their harsh judgment of those who do not share their beliefs, and they view the world through a binary lens of good and evil. This is evident in their treatment of Atticus Finch, who they see as a sinner for defending Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman. The sisters refuse to speak to Atticus and even go so far as to boycott his business.

Significance of the Calendar Sisters’ Religion in the Novel:
The Calendar sisters’ religion plays a significant role in the novel, serving as a metaphor for the narrow-mindedness and prejudice of many of the white residents of Maycomb County. The sisters’ extreme beliefs and behaviors are a reflection of the rigid social hierarchy and strict moral code that governs the town. They are also an example of the hypocrisy and double standards that exist within this system. While they pride themselves on their piety and moral righteousness, they are quick to condemn others and refuse to acknowledge their own shortcomings.

In “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the Calendar sisters represent a powerful symbol of the religious and cultural norms that govern Maycomb County. Their extreme beliefs and behaviors highlight the narrow-mindedness and prejudice of the town’s white residents, and their treatment of Atticus Finch serves as a reminder of the hypocrisy and double standards that exist within this system. Through the portrayal of the Calendar sisters, Harper Lee challenges readers to question their own beliefs and biases and to strive for greater understanding and empathy.

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