Write a report on the book, “The Day the Cowboys Quit” .

A five-page typed book report covering The Day the Cowboys Quit. You should develop your paper based on a standard summary of the plot as well as a more comprehensive analysis of the critical points the author makes toward the cowboy way of life and the changes to that lifestyle which caused them
to strike.

One of the best primary sources for the report is newspaper articles published at or near the time of the event. One of the best search sites available is the Library of Congress site at the following link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/newspapers/

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“The Day the Cowboys Quit” is a novel written by Elmer Kelton, an acclaimed Western novelist. It was first published in 1971 and has since become a classic in the genre of Western fiction. The novel tells the story of a group of cowboys in the late 1800s who decide to go on strike against the cattle barons of the Texas Panhandle.

The protagonist of the story is Hugh Hitchcock, a trail boss who has been working for the rancher, Charles Goodnight. However, when the cowboys are mistreated and underpaid by the cattle barons, Hugh becomes a leader in the strike. He rallies his fellow cowboys to demand better wages, improved working conditions,

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and more respect from their employers.

The novel portrays the harsh realities of life on the range and the difficulties that the cowboys faced in their daily lives. Kelton’s writing style is engaging and brings to life the rough and tumble world of the American West. The characters are well-developed, and the story is filled with action, drama, and humor.

One of the central themes of the book is the conflict between the cowboy way of life and the interests of the wealthy cattle barons who control the industry. The cowboys are portrayed as hard-working and honorable men who are willing to risk their lives for their profession. However, they are also shown as being exploited and undervalued by their employers.

Kelton also explores the issue of race relations in the American West. The novel includes African American cowboys who are discriminated against by their white counterparts. The author portrays this racial tension with sensitivity and nuance, highlighting the complexities of the issue.

Overall, “The Day the Cowboys Quit” is a well-written and engaging novel that provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of the American West. The story is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and Kelton’s skillful storytelling makes it a must-read for fans of Western fiction.

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