Read about Modernism and a few modernist texts, What are the elements of a “modernist” text?

Read about Modernism and a few modernist texts, What are the elements of a “modernist” text? What are modernist elements of Lu Han’s or Borges’ text?
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Modernism is an artistic and cultural movement that emerged in the early 20th century and is characterized by a radical departure from traditional forms and conventions. In literature, modernist texts are typically marked by certain elements that distinguish them from earlier literary forms. Some key elements of modernist texts include:

Fragmentation and experimentation with form: Modernist texts often fragment narrative structure, use non-linear plotlines, and experiment with different forms and styles. This reflects a sense of fragmentation and uncertainty in the modern world.

Stream-of-consciousness narration: Modernist writers often use stream-of-consciousness narration to capt

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ure the inner thoughts and experiences of characters. This technique emphasizes the subjective nature of experience and the complexity of the human psyche.

Rejection of traditional values: Modernist writers often reject traditional values and beliefs, including those related to morality, religion, and social hierarchy. This rejection reflects a sense of disillusionment with the values of the past and a desire to create new values for a changing world.

Emphasis on individual experience: Modernist writers often focus on individual experience and subjectivity, rather than on objective reality. This reflects a sense of the individual’s isolation and alienation in the modern world.

Use of symbolism: Modernist writers often use symbolism to convey meaning and evoke emotions. This reflects a belief that reality is not directly accessible, and that meaning must be inferred through symbolic representation.

Concerns with time and memory: Modernist writers often explore the nature of time and memory, and the ways in which these shape our experiences and understanding of the world. This reflects a sense of the transience of experience and the difficulty of capturing it in language.

Overall, modernist texts are characterized by their innovative and experimental approach to form and content, and their exploration of the subjective nature of experience in the modern world.

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