Prepare a Business model canvas report for a new business idea.

Assignment divided into 3 parts

1.Business model canvas report for a new business idea

Refer to Page 11 – 13

2.Business plan report

Refer to page 14

3.Based on your NEW BUSINESS IDEA, make a 5-10 minutes focusing on the problem and solution to the problemvia your new product/services.

Prepare a Power Point presentation with other relevant visual aids.Handbook – Enl4183 (Sept 2022)Based on your NEW BUSINESS IDEA, make a 5-10 minutes focusing on the problem and solution to the problem via your new product/services.Prepare a Power Point presentation with other relevant visual aids.

Refer page 15-16

Answer & Explanation
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Customer Segments:

Students from K-12 and college who need help with their studies
Working adults who want to upskill or learn new subjects

Value Proposition:

Affordable and convenient online tutoring service
Personalized learning experience tailored to individual needs
Experienced and certified tutors who are passionate about teaching
Easy-to-use platform with a range of features for a seamless learning experience


Online marketing and advertising through social media, search engines, and email marketing
Referral programs and word-of-mouth marketing
Partnership with educational institutions and organizations to offer discounted services to their students and members

Customer Relationships:

Personalized support and assistance for each student to ensure their learning nee

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Step-by-step explanation
ds are met
Regular communication with parents/guardians to provide updates on their child’s progress
Feedback and suggestions from students to improve the learning experience

Revenue Streams:

Monthly subscription fee based on the number of tutoring sessions or hours purchased
Commission on tutor fees for each session

Key Resources:

Skilled and experienced tutors with teaching credentials
A reliable and user-friendly online platform for scheduling, payment, and communication
Marketing and advertising strategies to reach potential customers
Customer service team to provide support and resolve any issues

Key Activities:

Recruiting and vetting qualified tutors
Developing and maintaining the online platform and technology infrastructure
Marketing and advertising to attract new customers
Providing customer support and resolving any issues

Key Partners:

Educational institutions and organizations for partnerships and referrals
Payment and technology providers for secure and seamless transactions

Cost Structure:

Tutor compensation and incentives
Technology and platform maintenance and development costs
Marketing and advertising expenses
Employee salaries and benefits


This BMC report provides a framework for your new online tutoring platform business idea. By addressing each of the nine key elements of the BMC, you can gain a better understanding of your business model and develop a clear and comprehensive plan for your new venture. Remember to keep your BMC flexible and adaptable as your business evolves and responds to changes in the market and customer needs.

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