In what ways is settler colonialism in Israel/Palestine different than settler colonialism in Algeria?

Essay Question :
In what ways is settler colonialism in Israel/Palestine different than settler colonialism in Algeria

Required Reading to answer essay question:

Robert C.J. Young, Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction, Chapter 2 and 3.
Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar, “Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict”, Middle East Report,
Omar Jabary Salamanca, Mezna Qato, Kareem Rabie & Sobhi Samour, 2012, “Past is Present: Settler Colonialism in Palestine,” Settler Colonial Studies 2(1)
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Simon Popperl, 2018, “Geologies of Erasure: Sinkholes, Science, and Settler Colonialism at the Dead Sea,” IJMES 50(3).

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The Battle of ALgeria :

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Settler colonialism in Israel/Palestine and Algeria have some similarities, but there are also important differences.

In the case of Israel/Palestine, Zionist settlers began arriving in the late 19th century, seeking to establish a Jewish state in historic Palestine. They gradually displaced the indigenous Palestinian population through a combination of land purchases, forced expulsions, and military conquest. After the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, approximately 750,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes and land, and many were not allowed to return. Today, Israel maintains a system of occupation and apartheid in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, which continues to displace and oppress the Palestinian population.

In contrast, the French colonization of Algeria began in the early 19th

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century, with the goal of exploiting the territory’s resources and transforming it into a settler colony. The French settlers, known as pieds noirs, were primarily of European descent and were given preferential treatment by the colonial authorities. The indigenous Algerian population was subjected to violent repression and forced to work on European-owned plantations and mines. Algerians who resisted French rule were brutally suppressed, and the war for Algerian independence (1954-1962) was marked by widespread violence on both sides.

One major difference between the two cases is the nature of the settler population. In Israel/Palestine, the Jewish settlers were primarily refugees and immigrants who came to the region with the intention of establishing a homeland for the Jewish people. In Algeria, the French settlers were primarily economic migrants who came to exploit the colony’s resources and expand French influence in North Africa.

Another difference is the response of the colonial powers to the independence movements. France was initially resistant to granting independence to Algeria, and the war for independence was marked by intense violence and brutality on both sides. In contrast, Israel has been supported by the United States and other Western powers, which have provided significant military and economic aid to Israel, enabling it to maintain its occupation and repression of the Palestinian people.

Overall, while settler colonialism has had devastating consequences for both the Palestinian and Algerian populations, the specific historical and political contexts of these cases have produced distinct forms of colonialism and resistance.

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