Identify one category of product labels you would want to redesign.

When a consumer goes to the store and picks up an item, the first thing that they usually do is look at the name of the product on the label. The product’s label contains a lot of useful information. Imagine that you were given authority to revise the requirements of product labels. Identify one category of product labels you would want to redesign. Explain what information you would require on the labels, how it should be displayed on the label and, what information (if any) you would remove from what is currently found on the labels. Discuss whether or not you support having requirements for labels, and explain why. Reflect on a time that you could not find some information you were looking for on a product’s label. What information were you looking for? Is that something that you would make a requirement on your revised label?
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One category of product labels that I would want to redesign is food packaging labels. The current food packaging labels can be confusing and hard to understand, especially for consumers who are trying to make healthy choices. The information on food labels is often in small print a

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nd uses technical jargon that is difficult to decipher. A redesigned label could make it easier for consumers to understand the nutritional content of the food they are purchasing, including information on calories, serving sizes, and the amounts of various nutrients like fat, sugar, and sodium. Additionally, a redesign could also make it clearer where the food was sourced from and how it was produced, including any allergens or other potentially harmful ingredients. This would help consumers make more informed decisions about the foods they purchase and consume.

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