How would you define Learner Agency and what are two concepts that you read that stand out as the most important characteristics of Learner Agency?

“How would you define Learner Agency and what are two concepts that you read that stand out as the most important characteristics of Learner Agency”
Using the Learner Centered/Learner Agency template in the document, create a possible lesson plan focusing on Learner Agency. You do not have to write a complete lesson plan. Just complete the template provided to show your understanding of the concept. You can use any grade level, topic, or subject.

2) Read the article from Vanderbilt University about Metacognition. Also, read pages 147-148 about teaching metacognitive skills to students. Explain metacognition and identify strategies for a specific grade level (i.e.-3rd grade or 10th grade) to teach your students. Provide the class with an explanation of how you would incorporate those strategies into a specific lesson plan. You don’t have to write the lesson plan, just explain. Please use additional outside references to develop your response.

3) Watch the TedTalk video about memory (and losing memories), and watch the other video about improving student memories. What are three essential things you learned from each video about memory and what will you do as a teacher to incorporate this new learning into your teaching? Refer to your textbook pages 124-132 to assist you in formulating your response.

4) Answer the following questions in a succinct but scholarly manner: Please support your answers with additional references beyond the textbook.
How can memory strategies be taught?
What study strategies help students learn?
How do cognitive teaching strategies help students learn?

ted talk:

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Learner agency is the ability of learners to take an active role in their own learning process. It involves the development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes that enable learners to set and pursue their own learning goals, make choices about how they learn, and evaluate their progress towards those goals.

Two concepts that stand out as the most important characteristics of learner agency are:


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Step-by-step explanation
-direction: Learner agency involves the ability to direct one’s own learning. Self-directed learners take responsibility for their own learning, set goals, and create strategies to achieve those goals. They also seek out resources and support as needed, and monitor their progress towards their goals.

Personalization: Learner agency requires a personalized approach to learning. This involves tailoring learning experiences to the individual needs, interests, and abilities of learners. Personalized learning allows learners to choose what, how, and when they learn, and to apply their learning in meaningful and relevant ways. It recognizes that learners are unique individuals with different learning styles, strengths, and challenges, and that they require different types of support and guidance to succeed.

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