Explain how media and television affect our communication.

Prepare a discussion on the book attached addressing the following points: 1) How media and television affect our communication. 2) How the author expressed his ideas in ethical expectations.
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Media and television can have a significant impact on our communication in several ways:

Shaping our beliefs and values: Media, particularly television, can shape our beliefs and values by portraying certain lifestyles, cultures, and ideologies. These depictions can influence how we perceive ourselves and others, and can affect our communication with those who hold different beliefs or values.

Setting communication standards: Television and media can also set communication standards, such as what is considered appropriate language and behavior

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in different situations. For example, television shows can introduce new slang terms that become part of everyday language, or portray certain communication styles as fashionable or desirable.

Providing common cultural references: Television and media can also provide common cultural references that can facilitate communication among people from different backgrounds. For example, if two people from different cultures both enjoy the same TV show or movie, they may have a shared understanding of certain cultural references that can make communication easier.

Changing communication patterns: Media can also change the way we communicate with each other. For example, the rise of social media has led to new communication patterns, such as the use of emojis and acronyms, and the tendency to communicate in shorter, more frequent messages.

Overall, media and television can have a profound impact on how we communicate with others, shaping our beliefs, values, and communication patterns. It’s important to be aware of these influences and to critically evaluate how they may be affecting our communication.

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