Draft a project outline that presents a prospective timeline and targeted customer segment of your project.

Using MarketLine, Yahoo Finance, and the company’s investor relations webpage, continue your investigation of the company you selected in your Module One blog post. Specifically, look at the company’s profile, financials, and SWOT analysis.

Using speculative strategies, articulate your thoughts. Remember, success may mean revenue to a for-profit business; however, to a non-profit, it may mean a specific outcome, such as donor retention rate, social media engagement, or email open rate.

Draft a project outline that presents a prospective timeline and targeted customer segment of your project. This project outline is a precursor to Milestone One: Elevator Pitch. The KPIs you need to consider and address in your outline are:

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Project Title: Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service

Targeted Customer Segment: Eco-conscious homeowners who value environmentally-friendly cleaning practices and seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

Project Outline:

Phase 1 (Months 1-2):

Conduct market research to identify customer needs and preferences for eco-friendly home cleaning services.
Develop a comprehensive business plan that includes a marketing strategy, pricing structure, and financial projections.
Obtain necessary licenses and permits to operate the business.

Phase 2 (Months 3-4):

Recruit and train a team of experienced cleaners who share our values and commitment to eco-friendly clean

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Step-by-step explanation
ing practices.
Develop a website and social media presence to promote the business and attract new customers.
Develop a system for managing appointments, invoices, and customer feedback.

Phase 3 (Months 5-6):

Launch the service and begin marketing to targeted customer segments through digital and traditional marketing channels.
Monitor and evaluate customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and refine our service offering.

Phase 4 (Months 7-8):

Expand the business by adding additional service offerings such as laundry and organizational services.
Explore partnership opportunities with eco-friendly home goods retailers to offer discounted services to their customers.

Phase 5 (Months 9-12):

Evaluate the success of the business and identify opportunities for future growth and expansion.
Develop a referral program to incentivize current customers to refer new clients.
Develop a sustainability report to measure the environmental impact of our business and share it with customers and stakeholders.

Overall, the Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Service will provide a unique offering to customers who value sustainability and eco-friendliness. By targeting this specific segment of the market and offering high-quality service, we aim to establish ourselves as a leader in the eco-friendly cleaning industry.

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