Discuss Spike & Biscuit Rebrand for the Charleston Animal Society Case Analysis.

age 2: Analyze the research done in this case from the textbook answering these questions:

What formative research was conducted?
Was research conducted effectively?
Did the research effectively measure the boundaries of a communication problem?
What recommendations for improving formative research would you make?

Answer & Explanation
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The Spike & Biscuit rebrand for the Charleston Animal Society was a successful case study in strategic branding and marketing. The Charleston Animal Society, a non-profit organization that provides shelter and care for homeless animals, had been struggling with a lack of public recognition and support. They decided to partner with branding agency, Fuzzco, to create a new brand identity that would better reflect their mission and values and engage with their target audience.

The rebrand involved changing the organization’s name from the Charleston Animal Society to Spike & Biscuit, a name that was mor

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Step-by-step explanation
e friendly, approachable, and memorable. The new name was accompanied by a new logo and a fresh visual identity that incorporated bright colors and playful illustrations of animals.

The rebrand was accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign that included billboards, social media advertising, and merchandise. The campaign emphasized the importance of adopting shelter animals and showcased the many benefits of having a furry friend in one’s life.

The results of the rebrand were impressive. Spike & Biscuit saw a significant increase in adoption rates, donations, and public awareness of their mission. The organization’s social media presence grew dramatically, with over 26,000 followers on Instagram and 44,000 on Facebook. Spike & Biscuit merchandise also became popular, with t-shirts and stickers selling out quickly.

Overall, the Spike & Biscuit rebrand was successful because it effectively communicated the organization’s mission and values to its target audience, creating a memorable and approachable brand identity that resonated with people. The comprehensive marketing campaign helped to increase awareness and engagement with the organization, resulting in higher adoption rates and donations.

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