Discuss Advertising Design & Traditional Media Channels.

For this Discussion Forum activity you will be discussing advertising design and traditional media channels and the methods of significance of how they relate to customer behavior. These elements are critical to the formation of a successful Internet marketing strategy. This discussion should include the following two elements.

One: Watch one of your favorite television shows. Record all of the television commercials in one commercial break (at least seven ads). Identify the appeal used in each one. Were the ads effective? Why or why not?

Also, consider the comparison of these advertisements to similar product ads on YouTube or presented as print advertisements and how they compare in message communication effectiveness?

Two: The Super Bowl is the most watched program on television. Many tune in just to watch the ads. Discuss the concepts of effective reach, effective frequency, ratings, gross rating points, brand recognition, brand recall, and opportunities to see as it relates to Super bowl advertising. What are the advantages for a brand to advertise on television during the Super Bowl? What are the disadvantages?

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Advertising design and traditional media channels go hand-in-hand as traditional media channels are still relevant to advertisers despite the growing popularity of digital marketing.

Advertising design is the process of creating and planning visual and textual content to promote a product, service, or brand. This design is meant to capture the attention of the target audience and persuade them to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or visiting a website. In traditional media channels, advertising design can be seen in various forms such as billboards, print ads, television commercials, and radio ads.

Billboards are a form of outdoor advertising design that is still relevant today. Billboards can be seen on highways, busy streets, and other high-traffic areas. The design for billboards is usually simple, with large, bold letters

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and attention-grabbing graphics. This is because people only have a few seconds to view the message before moving on.

Print ads are another traditional advertising design channel that is still popular. They are often seen in newspapers, magazines, and brochures. The design of print ads can vary, but they typically have a headline, body copy, and an image. The headline and image are meant to capture the reader’s attention, while the body copy provides more detailed information about the product or service being advertised.

Television commercials are perhaps the most well-known traditional advertising design channel. They are often seen during primetime television shows and major sporting events. Television commercials typically have a storyline or message that is conveyed through a combination of images, dialogue, and music. The design of television commercials is critical, as they need to capture the viewer’s attention within a few seconds and convey the message in a memorable way.

Radio ads are another traditional advertising design channel that is still relevant today. They are often heard on commercial radio stations during morning and afternoon drive times. Radio ads typically have a script that is read by a voice actor. The design of radio ads is focused on creating a memorable message that can be conveyed through sound alone.

In conclusion, traditional media channels still play a significant role in advertising design. The design of traditional ads needs to be attention-grabbing and memorable to capture the viewer or listener’s attention within a short period. With the right design, traditional media channels can still be an effective way to promote a product or service.

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