Detail the next steps to take regarding stakeholders that need to be involved in reviewing Stephen’s current LRE placement.

Detail the next steps to take regarding stakeholders that need to be involved in reviewing Stephen’s current LRE placement. Provide who specifically will be involved and describe their legal responsibility in the special education process.
Rationalize how your foundational knowledge of the special education process and issues within the case study led you to decide upon these next steps.
Identify and describe the ethical dilemma in providing Stephen an education that allows him to flourish, based on his case study. Discuss why moving LRE placements is not an option at this time due to the standard special education process.
Discuss how quality data and the lack of additional support in the classroom both play a factor in this decision.
Discuss how additional support in the classroom should be considered before a LRE placement is changed.
Discuss the possible involvement of paraeducators, tutors, volunteers, or related service providers. If paraeducators, tutors, or volunteers were brought into the classroom to assist Stephen, what guidance and direction would you provide to those stakeholders?
Discuss the legal, ethical, and quality requirements related to the management of confidential student information when working with paraeducators, tutors, or volunteers.
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When it comes to reviewing Stephen’s current Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) placement, it is essential to involve various stakeholders who can provide valuable insights and perspectives to make informed decisions. The following are some of the next steps to take regarding stakeholders:

Identify the stakeholders: The first step is to identify the stakeholders who need to be involved in the LRE placement review process. This may include the student’s parents or guardians, special education teachers, general education teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, and other relevant professionals who have knowledge of the student’s needs.

Schedule a meeting: Once the stakeholders have been identif

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Step-by-step explanation
ied, the next step is to schedule a meeting to discuss the LRE placement review process. The meeting can be held in person or virtually, depending on the stakeholders’ availability and preference.

Provide relevant information: Before the meeting, provide relevant information about the student, including their current LRE placement, academic and behavioral performance, and any other relevant information that can help stakeholders make informed decisions.

Facilitate the discussion: During the meeting, facilitate the discussion by allowing each stakeholder to share their perspective and concerns about the student’s current LRE placement. Encourage stakeholders to provide suggestions on how to improve the placement to meet the student’s needs.

Develop an action plan: Based on the discussion and input from stakeholders, develop an action plan that outlines the steps that need to be taken to review and improve the student’s LRE placement. Assign responsibilities to each stakeholder and set a timeline for completing the tasks.

Follow up: Follow up with the stakeholders to ensure that the action plan is being implemented as intended. Monitor the student’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the LRE placement based on their performance.

By involving relevant stakeholders in the LRE placement review process, the student can receive appropriate educational services and supports to meet their individual needs.

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