describe the importance of the executive summary in the reporting phase of this investigation. Examine strategies to control hazards common to the oil and gas industry.

The ABC Company has been very busy, and some of the employees are finally getting a chance to go on vacation.
Pipefitter A, the senior pipefitter, has taken their annual leave, and Pipefitter B is now the acting foreman.
The work to be done by ABC Company is to relocate a sump for new construction.
Pipefitter B goes to the office and receives the plans for the relocation of the sump. Unfortunately, any underground utilities that may be in the area have not been included in the package. The pipefitters assigned to relocate the sump have been briefed on the job and take the plans with them. The work to be done is located at the basement entry doorway of a major facility.
Pipefitter B and the pipefitters arrive at the jobsite at 0800 hours and begin to prepare for the work. The work requires the new sump to be relocated above grade. The DEF Engineering Company approves the request. The drawings that have been provided do not clearly identify any underground locations.
The pipefitters mark the new sump location above an electrical utility.
The ABC Company safety specialist arrives on-site to conduct the usual safety audit and to go over the checklist. The checklist, unfortunately, does not address all safety and health concerns. At a previous job, the lack of safety requirements for excavation permits was identified; however, no actions were taken.
The facility manager where the sump relocation is taking place has not been notified that the work is going to take place on this date.
GHI Company has been tasked with removing the cement. The laborer begins the work and commences to cutting into the concrete slab to gain access to the sump. A 3-foot-by-3-foot section is cut out and removed.
ABC Company does not have a job hazard analysis concerning what personal protection equipment (PPE) is required when jackhammering into cement.
Pipefitter B asks about a permit for doing work in the cement, but the ABC Company office states there is none required and to continue working.
At 0934 hours, the laborer who is jackhammering strikes a 13.2 kV primer feeder cable that runs below the entrance of the basement door. The laborer is immediately electrocuted, and the feeder cable is severed. One of the pipefitters notices what happens and immediately pulls the laborer off the jackhammer and notifies the office of what has happened.
Based on the scenario above, create a PowerPoint presentation that you would present to management in attempt to handle this situation. Identify the accident findings (errors committed by humans or equipment failure). Discuss the three-step process of corrective action implementation. Then, develop and prioritize effective corrective actions. Ensure that you describe the importance of the executive summary in the reporting phase of this investigation. Examine strategies to control hazards common to the oil and gas industry.
Utilize slide notes to expand upon on the content presented on each slide.
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