Critical Review of the Literature

Writing a critical literature review is an essential part of the academic process – and will be a major aspect of your degree thesis. Each student will be assigned a week to write a critical review of that week’s literature. `Critical’ does not mean that you just critique the readings. Rather, you need to put the readings in conversation with one another. This includes identifying the main arguments, methods, and conclusions of each, and describing how these relate across the readings. From this, you should identify questions that arise, either because the readings have contrary findings, or there are holes in the methods or findings. Your literature review should address all readings assigned that week. The key to this assignment is the analysis of the readings collectively and making an argument. Pay attention to the literature reviews in the articles we read this semester as examples of how to do this.
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The literature review sh

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ould be double-spaced and between 1000-1200 words.