Compare 3 leadership theories using: Transformational Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Strengths-based Leadership

Create a comparison chart for at least 3 leadership theories (Transformational Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Strengths-based Leadership) to prepare for your Week 4 Summative Assessment. You will use this information to select leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change that aligns to your chosen organization’s mission and values next week.
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Transformational Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, and Strengths-based Leadership are all popular leadership theories that offer different perspectives on how to lead effectively.

Transformational Leadership: This theory focuses on inspiring and motivating followers to achieve their best potential by creating a vision and leading by example. Transformational leaders are passionate, charismatic, and encourage innovation and creativity. They build relationships with their followers, coach them, and provide them with opportunities for growth and development. Transformational leaders also focus on building trust, fostering collaboration, and empowering their team members to make decisions a

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nd take ownership of their work.

Adaptive Leadership: This theory is centered on helping leaders navigate complex and changing environments. Adaptive leaders are able to anticipate and respond to challenges, adjust their approach when necessary, and lead their team through ambiguity and uncertainty. They focus on building resilience, fostering learning and experimentation, and encouraging their team to take calculated risks.

Strengths-based Leadership: This theory emphasizes the importance of identifying and leveraging individual and team strengths to achieve success. Strengths-based leaders focus on identifying and developing the unique talents and capabilities of their team members, creating a culture of positive reinforcement and recognition, and aligning individual strengths with team goals. This approach encourages individuals to focus on what they do well and to collaborate with others who have complementary strengths.

Overall, while all three theories offer valuable insights into effective leadership, they differ in their approach and emphasis. Transformational Leadership focuses on inspiring and motivating followers, Adaptive Leadership on navigating change, and Strengths-based Leadership on identifying and leveraging individual strengths. Depending on the situation, a leader may need to draw on one or more of these approaches to lead their team effectively.

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