Analyze the requirements of your state government’s DNR.

First, review your state government’s website and search for its official Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form; along with the form will be information and instructions regarding the form. Next, research two area hospitals to determine if they provide separate DNR forms. Finally, perform additional research regarding DNRs.
In your initial post,
• Analyze the requirements of your state government’s DNR.
• Identify the requirements of the DNRs of the two hospitals.
• Examine the differences and similarities between the DNR requirements of the state and the two hospitals, and address the following questions:
o What are they?
o Which one should you follow?
• Explain how a DNR is applied if a patient is under hospice care and EMTs are called.
NOTE: Some governments and hospitals call these forms Advanced Directives. Either one is acceptable.

My state’s information:

Answer & Explanation
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Managing and protecting natural resources: The DNR is responsible for managing and protecting the state’s natural resources such as forests, water resources, wildlife, and parks.

Monitoring and regulating environmental quality: The DNR may monitor and regulate the quality of the environment to ensure that it meets the state’s standards for air and water quality, soil health, and other environmental factors.

Enforcing environmental laws and regulations: The DNR may enfor

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Step-by-step explanation
ce state and federal environmental laws and regulations related to natural resource management and environmental quality.

Educating and engaging the public: The DNR may educate and engage the public on environmental issues, natural resource management, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Managing outdoor recreation opportunities: The DNR may manage and regulate outdoor recreational opportunities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking.

Providing assistance to landowners: The DNR may provide assistance to private landowners on natural resource management, land conservation, and other related issues.

Developing and implementing natural resource policies: The DNR may develop and implement natural resource policies and strategies that are in line with the state’s environmental goals and objectives.

Overall, the DNR plays an important role in protecting and managing the state’s natural resources and promoting environmental sustainability.

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