African American Psychology- Movie or TV show

This project is a Movie/TV show analysis. The project will involve viewing and critically assessing 3 – 4 characters in your favorite Movie or TV show by using your textbook and outside credible sources to illustrate the following analysis:

You will use information from your favorite movie or television show to assess 3 -4 character’s and how it relates to African American Psychology (Intro to AA Psychology: Part I)
Describe the characters is the aspect of (Relationships of AA: Part II)
Summarize and present evidence for your analysis.
In your analysis, include the benefits and drawbacks of the (Culture, Achievement & Identity of AA: Part II) Be very specific, and detailed in this section.
Include reasons for why/how your characters have developed.
Be sure to include10 in – text citations from your book, 8 – 10 peer reviewed journal articles along with an annotated bibliography for your journal articles.
You must use APA style for your paper, in text citations, and reference page.
Make sure that your paper is 8 – 12 pages in content.
Be sure to make sure that you include reference page and annotated bibliography. Yes, these are two different documents.

Part l and part ll is labeled in the book we will use each of those parts from
The book

Citation should be from the book which is
DeFreitas, S. C. (2020). African American Psychology: A Positive Psychology Perspective. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

And also citations come from

She also stated the reference page and the annotated bibliography does not count as a page

Answer & Explanation
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