Write a Literature review for African Americans and Hypertension with a current nursing journal.

Write a Literature review for African Americans and Hypertension with a current nursing journal.
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Title: Hypertension and African Americans: A Literature Review

Hypertension is a common chronic condition among African Americans that significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Despite significant advances in the management of hypertension, African Americans continue to experience higher rates of hypertension and related complications compared to other racial and ethnic groups. This literature review aims to explore the prevalence, risk factors, and management of hypertension among African Americans, with a focus on recent nursing literature.

Prevalence of Hypertension among African Americans:
African Americans have the highest prevalence of hypertension in the United States, with rates estimated at 54% for men and 57% for women. This is significantly higher than rates among non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics. The higher prevalence of hypertension among African Americans is attributed to a complex interplay of genetic, environmental, and socioeconomic factors.

Risk Factors for Hypertension among African Americans:
Several risk factors contribute to the hi

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gher prevalence of hypertension among African Americans. These include obesity, physical inactivity, high sodium intake, stress, and low socioeconomic status. Additionally, African Americans are more likely to have co-existing conditions such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease, which further increase the risk of hypertension.

Management of Hypertension among African Americans:
Effective management of hypertension among African Americans requires a multifaceted approach that addresses both individual and systemic factors. This includes lifestyle modifications such as weight loss, physical activity, and dietary changes, as well as pharmacological interventions such as antihypertensive medications. It is important to note that African Americans may have different responses to medications and require tailored treatment plans.

Recent Nursing Literature:
Recent nursing literature has focused on addressing disparities in hypertension care among African Americans. A study by Hines-Martin et al. (2021) found that cultural competency training for nurses improved hypertension knowledge and self-efficacy among African American patients. Another study by Flynn et al. (2022) highlighted the importance of community-based interventions in improving hypertension outcomes among African Americans.

Hypertension is a significant health concern among African Americans that requires a comprehensive approach to management. Nursing plays a crucial role in addressing hypertension disparities among African Americans through culturally competent care and community-based interventions. Further research is needed to better understand the complex interplay of factors contributing to hypertension among African Americans and to develop effective interventions to improve hypertension outcomes.


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