What happened to the American Dream?

2. What happened to the American Dream? (poster)
Read and collect five newspaper articles and/or magazine articles that illustrate some facet of the American Dream of the present. For each article, write an explanation describing how the attitudes in the articles toward the American Dream have stayed the same and/or changed since Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. You must include copies of the articles you use for this project. Create a poster that illustrates your conclusions about The American Dream. *Note: Your poster can be digital. Requirements:
✔ You will find a properly cite a minimum of 5 sources cited on project: use at least 3 articles from reputable newspapers and magazines; you can also include 1-2 less official sources (blogs, websites).
✔ Demonstrate close reading of your chosen articles as well as an understanding about “The American Dream” as it’s conveyed by Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby
✔ A poster (print or digital) that creatively and clearly presents your argument about The American Dream of today versus that in The Great Gatsby. Include quotes from your articles and from The Great Gatsby. You may choose to
summarize each article, or provide excerpts.
Final Product:
You will present your poster to the class, briefly describing your articles and conclusions.
Answer & Explanation
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The American Dream is a term that has evolved over time and means different things to different people. However, in general, it refers to the idea that anyone in the United States can achieve success and upward mobility through hard work and determination.

There are various opinions on what has happened to the American Dream, but some factors that may have contributed to its decline include:

Income inequality: The wealth gap between the rich and poor has grown wider over the years, making it more challenging for lower

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Step-by-step explanation
-income individuals to achieve upward mobility.

Lack of access to education: Education has long been seen as a way to achieve success in America, but many people do not have access to quality education or cannot afford it, putting them at a disadvantage.

Rising costs of living: The cost of living has increased significantly over the years, making it harder for individuals to achieve financial stability and save for the future.

Economic instability: Economic recessions and job insecurity have made it more challenging for individuals to achieve financial stability and pursue their dreams.

Systemic issues: Discrimination, prejudice, and systemic barriers can hinder individuals’ ability to achieve success and limit their opportunities.

While the American Dream may not be as attainable for some as it once was, it is still a powerful concept and a driving force for many people. The United States continues to be a land of opportunity, and with the right support, resources, and perseverance, people can still achieve their dreams.

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