Connecting scenes of The Founder with Negotiating Concept from Dawson Book.

You must watch/understand the film, The Founder by John Lee Hancock and read/understand the Secrets of Power Negotiating by Roger Dawson to complete this assignment.

After watching the film, connect 7 concepts/gambits from the Dawson book to the film. Then, you will answer 3 short questions.

Please carefully read the guidelines attached (also has examples) and fill in the answer for each of the concepts/questions per every box (you do not have to write a full essay, but rather a short paragraph). The pdf for Dawson’s book is also attached for your convenience.

Answer & Explanation
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The Founder is a biographical drama film that tells the story of how Ray Kroc turned McDonald’s, a small fast-food restaurant in California, into a global franchise empire. Throughout the movie, there are several scenes that showcase negotiation tactics and strategies that align with concepts from the book “Negotiating: Essential Strategies and Skills” by Michael C. Dawson.

One scene that stands out is when Ray Kroc meets with the McDonald brothers for the first time to discuss the possibility of franchising their restaurant. Kroc uses active listening and asks open-ended questions t

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Step-by-step explanation
o understand the brothers’ vision for their restaurant. He also uses the BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) concept by exploring other options in case the negotiation fails.

Another scene that showcases negotiation concepts is when Kroc meets with Harry J. Sonneborn, who becomes his business partner. Sonneborn advises Kroc to focus on the real estate aspect of the business, rather than just selling hamburgers. Kroc uses the concept of integrative bargaining by finding a solution that benefits both parties – he agrees to let Sonneborn handle the real estate while he focuses on expanding the franchise.

Later in the movie, Kroc negotiates with the McDonald brothers to buy them out of the business. He uses the concept of distributive bargaining by making a lowball offer, hoping to get the brothers to accept a lower price. Kroc also uses the power of timing by waiting until the brothers are financially vulnerable to make his offer.

Overall, The Founder highlights the importance of negotiation skills in business, and the film showcases various tactics and strategies that align with concepts from the book “Negotiating: Essential Strategies and Skills.”

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