Discuss the Social Determinants of Health Action Plan.

Background knowledge-brief summary of current knowledge on the at-risk population for non-compliance.Geographical location of communityCultural makeupAverage education levelIncome/poverty levelUnemployment rateTeen pregnancy rateInsurance concernsTransportation issuesOther socioeconomic barriersMain illnesses/health concernsChallenges imposed in practiceIntext citation present and appropriateAction PlanDevelop an action plan to improve medication access/ compliance/ adherence/ monitoring for the at-risk population, while addressing the barriers present. (For example: the at-risk population is composed of a very low socioeconomic group, and the main health concern is hypertension and cardiac-related issues. What could you propose that would improve the access and adherence to hypertensive medications?) The action plan must include:The issue your plan will addressResources neededStakeholders involvedThe details of the planHow this plan will reduce barriers to effective medication access/ compliance/ adherence/ monitoring in this patient populationHow you will evaluate the planLiterature searches for the topic on the web and in databases are limited to peer-reviewed professional nursing and medical journals, texts, and writings (no older than 5 years).Uses literature to support claims, facts, and statistics.Intext Citation present and appropriate.Discussion/Implications/ConclusionPrepare presentation for in class discussionPresentations can use any format, as long as the presentation is organized, thorough and engaging.The aim of the presentation is not only to inform the audience about the community and its concerns, but to convince the audience of the benefit of your proposed action plan.Class members and/or clinical partner(s) will evaluate presentations based on:Aesthetic appeal of the presentationClarity and thoroughness of the concerns of the community and proposed planRelevance of the plan to address community concerns and confidence in its ability to achieve its goalsAbility of presenter to answer questions asked by classProofread and edit the paper carefully, following the assignment rubric.Use the plagiarism tool to check the summary against unintended plagiarism.Spell check the paper and submit via Canvas.
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The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Action Plan is a comprehensive approach to address the underlying factors that contribute to health disparities and inequities. It is a framework for understanding and addressing the social, economic, and environmental factors that affect health outcomes, and it seeks to promote health equity by addressing these factors. The SDOH Action Plan is designed to guide public health efforts and policies to reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes for all individuals.

The SDOH Action Plan consists of four main components:

Assessment: This involves collecting data and conducting research to identify the social determinants of health that affect particular populations. This

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Step-by-step explanation
information is then used to develop strategies and interventions to address these determinants.

Policy Development: This involves developing policies that address the social determinants of health. These policies may include initiatives related to education, housing, transportation, employment, and healthcare access.

Implementation: This involves implementing strategies and interventions to address the social determinants of health. This may involve partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders to create programs and initiatives that address these determinants.

Evaluation: This involves measuring the effectiveness of strategies and interventions to address the social determinants of health. Evaluation helps to identify successful interventions and areas for improvement.

The SDOH Action Plan is a collaborative effort that involves a range of stakeholders, including public health officials, healthcare providers, community organizations, policymakers, and individuals and families. It recognizes that addressing the social determinants of health requires a comprehensive approach that involves multiple sectors and stakeholders working together.

Overall, the SDOH Action Plan is an important framework for addressing health disparities and promoting health equity. By addressing the social determinants of health, we can improve health outcomes for all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, or ethnicity.

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