Discuss the Future of Nursing and Healthcare.

For this assignment, you will need to access the Future of Nursing Report: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK573919/Links to an external site.

As you end your nursing program, you are being asked to discuss and reflect on the Future of Nursing Report and your own personal nursing school journey.

According to the Committee for the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 report, the vision of the initiative is the achievement of health equity in the U.S. built on strengthened nursing capacity and expertise as outlined in the 10 nursing outcomes found in Box S-1 of the report. Identify one outcome and describe how the nursing program your clinical experience at Nightingale College prepared you to contribute to that outcome?
Additionally, the Future of Nursing report categorizes social determinants of health (SDoH): Economic Stability, Education, Social and Community Context, Health and Healthcare, Neighborhood and Built Environment. Please review the information in the FON report for SDoH and discuss how you are now prepared, as a nurse, to address those health care needs. Describe how your education and the skills you have learned will be used to promote achievement of health equity.
Reflect on how your knowledge/views/opinions have changed or remained the same since starting your education at Nightingale College.
Think about your future nursing practice. How can you use your nursing knowledge to champion health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management?

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The future of nursing and healthcare is complex and multifaceted, but there are several trends and developments that are likely to shape the landscape in the coming years. Here are some key areas to consider:

Technology: Technology is transforming the way healthcare is delivered, and nursing is no exception. From electronic medical records to telemedicine to remote monitoring devices, nurses are increasingly relying on technology to enhance their practice and improve patient outcomes. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics is also expected to play a larger role in healthcare delivery.

Interprofessional collaboration: As healthcare becomes more complex and

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multidisciplinary, nurses will need to work more closely with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and coordinated care. This will require a greater emphasis on teamwork, communication, and shared decision-making.

Chronic disease management: As the population ages and chronic diseases become more prevalent, nurses will be called upon to play a larger role in managing chronic conditions. This will require a shift in focus from acute care to prevention, early detection, and ongoing management.

Health equity: Health disparities continue to be a major issue in healthcare, with certain populations experiencing higher rates of disease and poorer outcomes. Nurses will need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to address these disparities and work towards greater health equity.

Education and training: The nursing workforce is evolving, with an increasing emphasis on advanced education and training. Nurses will need to be prepared to take on more complex roles and responsibilities, and continuing education will be critical to keeping pace with advances in healthcare.

Overall, the future of nursing and healthcare will be characterized by a greater emphasis on technology, collaboration, prevention, equity, and education. By embracing these trends and developments, nurses will be well-positioned to provide high-quality care and improve patient outcomes.

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