UK labour law: Critically discuss the success – or otherwise – of law in achieving equality between men and women at work.

– I have attached the Module Specification for you to take a look at to see what is expected from the writing.- I have also attached the lecture notes which was provided by the university in order to allow you to have an idea of what is taught.- The paper is marked on research and critical analysis so please include examples from both sides of the issue (from academia).And in the end, explain what your view is i.e. which perspective you find most persuasive and why. So feel free to acknowledge some strengths from the opposite view.- There will be some figures which you will need to state please give the figures eg: the gender gap between men and women the uk is 10% as of 2023.- Please be sure that in your answers any verbatim quotation or close paraphrasing of sources (including the core textbook and lecture transcripts) is properly cited in the footnotes in accordance with OSCOLA. Verbatim quotes must be in ‘……..’ with a source and page number attribution. Close paraphrasing must be identified with a source and page number attribution.Footnotes should only be used for citing sources.- regarding the intro it is expected that you address the question, showing you understand it, and break down its elements well (give definitions of key words),there needs to be a clear road map as to what the essay will cover.- please also add quotes of what different academics has criticised regarding the main article.- If you have any questions please send me a message. please find the articles which has been provided by the university as core reading for this topic:1. Women and the law: Book by Sandra Fredman; Oxford Scholarship Online Law 19972. Feminist judgments: rewritten employment discrimination opinionsBook edited by Ann C. McGinley; Nicole Buonocore Porter 20203. Reversing roles: bringing men into the frame in International Journal of Law in Context Article by Sandra Fredman 12/20144.Shared Parental Leave: Can Transferable Maternity Leave Ever Encourage Fathers to Care? in Industrial Law Journal Article by Gemma Mitchell 06/07/20225. Domestic Workers, the ‘Family Worker’ Exemption from Minimum Wage, and Gendered Devaluation of Women’s Work in Industrial Law JournalArticle by Natalie Sedacca 05/04/20226.Invisible labour: legal dimensions of invisibilization in Journal of Law and Society Article by ZOE ADAMS 06/2022(Please note that at lease 3/4 of these essential reading has to be used in the writing)