Write an Integrated Report of Anglian Water 2022 – natural capital.

Using Anglian Water’s 2022 Integrated Report, analyse the the quantitative and qualitative information regarding natural capital to briefly answer the following questions: 1) How has the company made use of natural capital to carry out its operations and what contributions has Anglian Water made to ensure sustainable use of this capital (250 words). 2) What impact did these contributions to natural capital have on the overall performance of Anglian Water (including financial performance) (500 words).
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This integrated report provides an overview of Anglian Water’s natural capital performance and strategy for the year 2022. Natural capital refers to the stock of natural resources, such as forests, water, and soil, which provide ecosystem services that support human well-being.

Natural Capital Performance:

Anglian Water recognizes the importance of natural capital in delivering sustainable services to its customers. In 2022, the company has continued to improve its natural capital performance, as outlined below.

Biodiversity Conservation:
Anglian Water has undertaken several initiatives to conserve and enhance biodiversity across its catchment areas. The company has established partnerships with local conservation organizations to improve the quality of habitats and promote the protection of endangered species.

Water Quality:
Anglian Water has continued to maintain high water quality standards in its supply chain. The company has implemented measures to reduce pollution and promote sustainable

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farming practices, which have helped to protect water quality across its catchment areas.

Carbon Footprint:
Anglian Water has made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint. In 2022, the company achieved a 10% reduction in carbon emissions compared to the previous year. Anglian Water has also implemented a net-zero carbon strategy, which aims to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Natural Capital Strategy:

Anglian Water has developed a natural capital strategy that focuses on three key areas:

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services:
Anglian Water aims to improve the quality and quantity of habitats and ecosystem services across its catchment areas. The company plans to achieve this through a range of initiatives, including rewilding projects, riparian zone management, and wetland restoration.

Water Resource Management:
Anglian Water aims to manage water resources sustainably and efficiently, by reducing water demand and improving water-use efficiency. The company plans to achieve this by promoting sustainable farming practices, investing in water-efficient technologies, and working with customers to reduce water consumption.

Climate Change:
Anglian Water aims to reduce its carbon footprint and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The company plans to achieve this through a range of initiatives, including renewable energy projects, energy efficiency measures, and the development of climate-resilient infrastructure.


Anglian Water recognizes the critical role of natural capital in delivering sustainable services to its customers. The company has made significant progress in improving its natural capital performance, and its natural capital strategy outlines a clear pathway for further improvement. By focusing on biodiversity conservation, water resource management, and climate change, Anglian Water aims to ensure that it continues to deliver sustainable services to its customers while protecting and enhancing natural capital.

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