What is a Nation?

Read: PoWH Chapter 22, Pp. 671-681

Sources: 22.2 (Olympe de Gouges)

Islahat Fermani (on D2L)

Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address (on D2L)

The English Bill of Rights (on D2L)

Discussion Question/Writing Assignment Outline 14: What aspects help to create a national identity? In what ways?

Answer & Explanation
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A nation is a group of people who share a common history, culture, language, and usually territory. A nation may also have a shared sense of identity and belonging, often based on a shared national history, mythology, or tr

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Step-by-step explanation
adition. Nation can also refer to a political entity or sovereign state that governs a particular territory and its people. In this context, a nation typically has a defined geographic boundary and a government that exercises control over its citizens, enforces laws and regulations, and manages the economy, defense, and foreign relations. The concept of a nation is complex and can vary depending on cultural, historical, and political factors.

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