Identify 5 potential risks from your planned final clinical trial project.

Identify 5 potential risks from your planned final clinical trial project. Each risk should be from a different functional area on your project. Possible functional areas include clinical sites, clinical management, data management, vendor management, biostatistics, IP management, and regulatory. Download and utilize the CDC Risk Log Template to record the risks, completing each field in columns A through M. The Instructions tab provides helpful information on completing the risk log.
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Safety risks: Clinical trials can potentially expose participants to unknown risks associated with the investigational product or the study procedures. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the trial is designed to minimize the risk of harm to participants.

Regulatory risks: Clinical trials are highly regulated, and failure to comply with regulatory requirements can lead to delays, fines, or even suspension of the trial. It i

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s important to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and that the trial is conducted in compliance with applicable regulations.

Recruitment risks: Recruitment of participants for clinical trials can be challenging. The trial may not enroll enough participants, or there may be delays in recruitment that can impact the timeline of the trial.

Data quality risks: The quality of the data collected during the trial can be compromised by a variety of factors, including errors in data collection, lack of adherence to the study protocol, or loss of data. These risks can impact the reliability and validity of the study results.

Financial risks: Clinical trials can be expensive, and there is a risk that the trial may go over budget. Additionally, if the trial fails to meet its endpoints or is terminated prematurely, there may be significant financial losses.

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