How does the work of Hirst and Carter relate to the concept of artistic expression? Explain.

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Source 2: defending artistic expression

Defending Artistic Expression

Source 3: watch never sorry

Source 4: textbook chapter 11
1. One way censorship can happen is when the expression is silent or invisible to others. Yet some expression is faint because both the structures of the mainstream press and broadcasting and the dynamics of social networking tend to favor some voices, some images, over others. Explore the internet and find what you think is a worthwhile ARTISTIC EXPRESSION from somewhere in the world that you are unfamiliar with. Post a link and describe both why you think the work is valuable, and why you think it is being overlooked by people.
2. Should certain types of art be censored? Explain your answer and select at least two examples to assist in clarifying your statement. Give an opposing response with justifications and select works to describe and clarify your opinion.
3. What concepts was Damien Hirst exploring in using butterflies in his artwork? What did the butterflies symbolize for Hirst? What was the ethical dilemma photojournalist Kevin Carter faced when he photographed a child during the 1993 famine in Sudan?

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Damien Hirst and Carter are two contemporary artists who have pushed the boundaries of what is considered “art” and have challenged traditional notions of artistic expression.

Hirst, for example, is known for his provocative and controversial installations, such as his “Shark” piece, which consists of a preserved tiger shark in a tank of formaldehyde. His work often explores themes of mortality, the human condition, and the relationship between art and commerce.

Carter, on the other hand, is known

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for his use of found materials and his incorporation of text and language into his work. His pieces often have a political or social message, and he frequently engages with issues related to race and identity.

Both artists use their work as a means of expression, but their approaches to artistic expression are very different. Hirst’s work often involves shock value and spectacle, while Carter’s work is more understated and intellectual. However, both artists are interested in exploring the limits of what can be considered “art” and challenging viewers to question their assumptions about the nature of artistic expression.

Overall, the work of Hirst and Carter is significant because it shows that artistic expression can take many different forms and can be used to explore a wide range of themes and ideas. Their work invites viewers to engage with these themes in new and thought-provoking ways and highlights the importance of pushing boundaries and questioning established norms in the art world.

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