Develop and discuss a policy or recommendation based on the state of current policies and the gap between what is intended compared to how they are implemented.

What are your expected findings? Develop a policy or recommendation based on the state of current policies and the gap between what is intended compared to how they are implemented. Use literature to assist you. Discuss how you would develop an evaluation that effectively assesses the needs of such a program, the process under which it would be implemented, and the impact of such policies on its intended population.
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One policy that could be implemented is to address the gap between the intended purpose of policies and their implementation by requiring regular reviews and evaluations of policy effectiveness. This would involve creating a system of metrics and performance indicators to assess the success of policies in achieving their intended goals and identifying areas where improvements can be made.

Regular reviews would help identify policy areas where there are significant gaps between intended outcomes and actual results. By identifying these gaps, policymakers can develop targeted interventions to address the underlying causes and improve implementation.

For example, suppose a policy

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is implemented to increase access to healthcare services for low-income communities. In that case, a review may find that although the policy has increased access, the quality of services is still inadequate. The review may then identify the specific causes of this issue, such as a lack of training for healthcare professionals or inadequate funding for healthcare facilities, and recommend targeted interventions to address these issues.

In addition to regular reviews, policymakers should ensure that policies are designed with implementation in mind. This means engaging stakeholders, including those who will be responsible for implementing the policy, to ensure that the policy is feasible and realistic. Policymakers should also provide adequate resources and support for implementation, including funding, training, and technical assistance.

Finally, policymakers should prioritize transparency and accountability in the implementation of policies. This means providing regular updates on progress and outcomes, soliciting feedback from stakeholders, and holding those responsible for implementation accountable for achieving intended outcomes.

Overall, regular reviews, stakeholder engagement, adequate resources, and transparency and accountability are key components of a policy approach that can help bridge the gap between intended outcomes and implementation.

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