Analyze a school budget presentation.

Analyze the attached school budget from this year and make a summary of it using the following questions and any other analysis slides you’d like to include: A summary of your analysis. What are the components of the school district’s budget? Which stakeholders are involved in the budget development process, and how are they involved? What steps are taken in the budget development process? Recommendations you would make to improve the budget development process.
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Overview of the Budget: The presentation should start with an overview of the budget, including the total amount allocated for the school, the primary sources of funding, and any significant changes from the previous year’s budget.

Breakdown of Expenses: The presentation should provide a detailed breakdown of how the budget will be spent, including salaries and benefits for teachers and staff, instructional materials and supplies, facilities maintenance and improvement, transportation, and any other significant expenses.

Revenue Sources: The presentation should

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explain where the school’s revenue comes from and how it is distributed. This may include local, state, and federal funding, as well as any grants or donations.

Enrollment and Staffing: The presentation should provide information on the school’s student enrollment and how it impacts staffing decisions. This may include details on teacher-to-student ratios and any plans for hiring or layoffs.

Budget Priorities: The presentation should highlight the school’s budget priorities, such as initiatives to improve student achievement, support for special needs students, or investments in technology.

Comparison to Previous Years: The presentation should include a comparison of the current year’s budget to previous years, highlighting any significant changes or trends.

Community Input: The presentation should include opportunities for community members to provide feedback and ask questions about the budget.

Overall, a school budget presentation should be transparent and easy to understand, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of how the school’s financial resources are allocated and how they will impact students and staff.

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