Analysis and Compare of three RFP.

The first file is the outline of the assignment (in the outline it mentions to analyze and compare two RFPs, which is wrong, we must analyze and compare three RFPs).ABA Kirkland, Access TCA, Fiserv are the three RFPs we need to use.Blank BRM is the form template we need to Blank BRM is the form template that we need to fill out and use. There are also three different samples that we can learn from (these three samples are compared to six RFPs, and we only need to compare three). There are also the Food beverage and Hotel Bennett Banquet Menu files that contain data we may want to use. The last file is a powerpoint on the assignment, and you will also need to create a comparison chart, which you will need to do yourselves (there is no template). The process and specifics of this assignment are best described to me at the end, as I have a personal presentation on this assignment in the section that follows. The specific number of references and how many charts to use this I am not sure, in your writing depends on the situation.
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Review the Requirements: Carefully read through each RFP to identify the requirements and evaluate the suitability of each proposal based on the requirements. Look for any gaps or inconsistencies in the requirements and assess how well each proposal addresses them.

Evaluate the Cost: Look at the cost of each proposal and evaluate whether it’s reasonable based on the proposed work. Make sure to take into account any additional expenses that may be incurred during the project.

Consider the Timeline: Evaluat

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Step-by-step explanation
e the proposed timeline for each project and ensure that it’s feasible. Look for any potential roadblocks that may impact the timeline and assess how well each proposal addresses them.

Evaluate the Team: Look at the team that will be responsible for executing the project and evaluate their skills and experience. Make sure they have the necessary expertise and resources to successfully complete the project.

Evaluate the Approach: Evaluate the approach proposed by each vendor and assess how well it aligns with the requirements. Look for any innovative or unique approaches that may set one proposal apart from the others.

Evaluate the Proposal: Evaluate the overall quality of each proposal. Look for clear and concise language, professional formatting, and attention to detail.

By conducting a thorough analysis of each RFP, you can determine which one offers the best value for your project. Keep in mind that the cheapest proposal may not always be the best choice, so be sure to consider all factors before making a decision.

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