Write a report outlining the entrepreneurial marketing strategy for a currently successful start-up first, but which then identifies and critically evaluates MEI weaknesses in its current strategy and why and proposes a MEI Roadmap to meet and/or adjusts your researched and interpreted aims and objectives.

Title Page• Table of Contents• Introduction: Micro/SME selection: name, stats and facts, size, established when, key stakeholders top-line financials and the ‘spirit of this SME’ (what MEI elements can also enable analysis even in this Intro start?) What is meant by success with this SME and the industry it has been formed in? Key industry CSFs and KPIs? Ensure a wide array of 3rd party research sources and no only from the SME! Otherwise your paper will be pro-your-SME and suffer from bias. How does your SME perform against these, incl. any MEI applied rationale?• Micro/SME concept/overall idea/CA/USP and applying what elements of the MEI to assist this section?• How does does the Micro/SME market and sell? Apply the MEI here also.• What about market opportunities and industry threats? Apply MEI.• Can you calculate the market share in terms of market volume and value? And can you identify growth, or decline and also apply MEI here?• Conclusion – how is the SME overall performing well?, well but needs improving ?, or needs changing? – all analyzed in-line with relevant elements from the MEI.• Your recommendations for the research if you could do this again or carry on, and recommendations proposed to the SME?